Who are the Exceptions To The Rules? Are you one? Do you know one? Who? Read and find out.


So who do you think they are? Do you know one?  Someone who always has to go through the most to get the least ; yet they are always smiling and thankful for all of their success!

The Exceptions To The Rules, that’s who!

     It is no secret that my greatest gift and blessing is that I am an Exception To The Rules.  It was never meant, nor said, that I would ever make it at anything.  Just to many obstacles, health problems, bad luck, and worst of all pegged as being too happy.  LOL

No pity requested here; I was born to live the life I am living and am honored, humbled, and most graciously glad to have this opportunity to experience life through a long boot camp of circumstances and chances that are polishing me like the tea-cup on the shelf your mama won’t let you touch.

As Dr. Charles Stanley once quoted: ” There is something about experiencing pain that equips us to help others.”  Which is the fuel the fires  my mission and passion for sticking to the path I have been given to concern myself with getting resources for others to better themselves.

      For you see it is during our many and varied hurdles, challenges, and lack thereof’s that help us to develop the extraordinary skills and tools that we acquire during those times.  When we are faced with using what we got, till we can get what we need, so we can get to where we want to be; we can achieve amazing feats that we didn’t even image we could do.

     I love being an Exception To The Rules; I have had the best experiences in life that could have not taken place had I chosen to follow someone-elses standard of measurement for success.  Always having had to create my own path to trod has birthed  a trailblazer for entrepreneurs, small business owners, artist, performers, speakers, authors, and others who have like-minded ideas of what it is to BE an Exception To The Rules.  Why on earth would I want it any other way!

If you think like this too and need a little bit of help to get along your way; the ExceptionsToTheRules.com has many services and partners to offer you and your small business in Ohio and Abroad.   We are becoming internationally known for our commitment to our customers to promote them in their best light by keeping good community relations in mind.

When you have a need for your small business come to the ExceptionsToTheRules.com website and find America’s Resource HUB for small business owners and entrepreneurs setting the standard of excellence for a new generation of Exceptions To The Rules!  #ShopLocal #BeGlobal



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