IF you don’t do this after your PR Campaign- you may not see any sales or new customers!

So you have spent the last 14 weeks or so producing your PR Campaign for your event and/or product/service launch.

You’ve spent time, money, efforts, and resources to get your message out there.  NOW that you have a message out there; what do you do with it?

The buck does not stop here!  IF you want success with the campaign efforts you just completed; YOU must follow-up with Marketing Efforts to your PR Campaign.  Unfortunately, most business owners believe after the campaign is the time to take a breather and rest.  Now while I understand the total effects on the body, mind, and spirit that comes from the exhaustion felt after a PR Campaign, I do not understand why you are not prepared to FOLLOW UP.

To Follow up after your PR Campaign if you plan on having a return on your investment for months to come!


First of all, thank somebody, anybody, and everybody who volunteered, sponsored, and/or contributed ANYTHING to your PR Campaign.

Send out hand written thank you notes to ALL parties involved.  WHY?  Because PR is about building relationships not just making a SALE.  By sending a hand written note instead of Just an Email; you are setting a standard of excellence that gets remembered for future sales.

Second- by now you should have already designed a plan to implement for sales follow ups after the promotion part.  You should have email addresses to add to your client data base, you should have phone numbers of interested parties who want to shop with you, and most of all you should be ready, willing, and able to start your Marketing Plan.

Third- Know your industry well enough to know how long after the event  you will spend in your Marketing Efforts for that one event.  For instance, if you are a restaurant and have just had your Grand Opening Launch you will need at least a year of constant promotions to get customers to come into your restaurant.  If you are launching a book; you will need about 18 months prior to its official launch. If you are promoting a concert or community event; you will need at least 3 months to ensure you will have listeners. 

Exceptions-  “PR With A Purpose” is here for you when you need to get the message out to the public and are willing to support a good cause while you do it!

If you need the help from a down to earth business consultant who will work her tail off for you.  Contact me only if you are willing to do your part too!

Check out our website for all the resources you need! WWW.ExceptionsToTheRules.com


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