Sunday Morning Reflections with Radio Show Host & Author E. Michelle Lee, this week’s subject: ” NO matter what may become of the good you do- do it anyway every lil bit helps!” Do good anyway, even if the last one hurt.

As I share my reflections with you each week on early Sunday Mornings before I head out to the best house on the street to meet; The Good Lord’s House. I hope to share some things with you that will help you have a better week next week.

       Sunday Mornins is my time with you to encourage you to reflect on your past week and analyze it,to learn from it, and to better plan for your upcoming week.

     Absorb and release- change-improve, move more efficiently to accomplish more than you expected from yourself last week. As you grow towards your goals this week coming think back to the week you just finished. Name 3 things that come to your mind right off the bat. Write them down in your journal.

     Take time to reflect on your past weeks daily activities from work to play. Do it every week so you can keep trotting ahead like a champion.

     Reflecting to projecting. That’s the way to make your life stronger, wiser, and to have a clearer site for your path ahead by breaking it down to one week at a time.

This weeks Sunday morning Reflections with: E. Michelle Lee/ subject: ” NO matter what may become of the good you do- do it anyway; every lil bit helps!”

AND WHEN YOU GET BURNED FROM DOING GOOD: Do good anyway again and again every chance you get. Doing good to others even when they hurt you for the good you have done will still make you the better person.

  After you get burnt enough times to learn to say NO the next time; don’t listen to the NO!   Do good anyway because the good you do is not just intended for the person you have done it for.  When we continue to do good for others despite our past hurts from helping; we create a sense of well being and purpose for our own lives. Doing Good Anyway strengthens our own life.

     As I reflect back on this past week; I think about how people so easily forget the good that has been done.  I wondered deeply within to seek understanding and comfort from the pain and sacrifices associated with helping others.  

Learn how to overcome being burnt by the good you have done for the people you have helped so you can continue to do good for others!

Check out this weeks Exception To The Rules Song of the WEEK.

Continue reading for tips and inspiration from reflecting on your previous week to projecting your week to come with a smile!

Many people can be commended for making great sacrifices and strides for others.  Some of which do not benefit from the help they gave. Like our service men and women of the USA. Or our doctors and nurses helping and healing hands.  How bout our Fire and Police Departments?  I could probably list thousands of various types of organziations, companies, agencies, and people who help others because it’s the right thing to do; even when it hurts.
 Do Good Anyway!

     Instant gratification comes when you help someone else.  There is just something deep down inside of us that is built for us to do good. You know, inside, how you feel uplifted and energized right after a long, hard, days work for a “Good Cause”; what you just did was a good thing.  And sometimes that’s all the pay you need.

   But what do you do when after all the hard work, sweat, and tears you put into your good work; somebody comes along and smashing it with vengeance and spite all rolled up to one core issue of negative spewing? 

  YOU DO GOOD ANYWAY for the next person !

22 A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.

     OUCH, now that’s a proverb to live by. Think about it, if you are happy you will do good.  If you are sad you will do bad.  So if you are on watch to do good in life beware of those who are not.  For they will try and dry up your positive energy because of their negative energy. 

     Just because you are a doer of good in life does not mean it is a good thing for you to allow your good to be spoken evil of.  Have you ever heard the saying, “Don’t let your good be spoken Evil of”?  I have heard my grandaddy say it plenty of times.  He believed and taught me that there are times and situations when you need to stand up for yourself when someone recklessly and thoughtlessly tries to tare you down for no good reason.  The Good Book says,

16 Let not then your good be evil spoken of:

Do Good Anyway- but take care of protecting your self-respect and reputation. Continue to stand for what you believe in without letting your good be spoken evil of: Do Good Anyway!

Have a blessed week and remember that your litmus test for being able to still do good even when in past you have been burned by your good works is to be able to:                                                                                                   JUST DO GOOD

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