Todays Tip: “Understand What PR is before you Hire it” Today’s Definition “Public Relations”- by: Exceptions-PR With A Purpose- E Michelle Lee

 Exceptions-          PR With APurpose      E Michelle Lee



Definition of the day:   9-14-12

By: :

public relations                              noun


the actions of a corporation, store, government, individual, etc., in promoting goodwill between itself and the public, the community, employees, customers, etc.


the art, technique, or profession of promoting such goodwill.

By Merriam Webster    Definition of PUBLIC RELATIONS

: the business of inducing the public to have understanding for and goodwill toward a person, firm, or institution; also : the degree of understanding and goodwill achieved

Exceptions TIP OF THE DAY: 

YOUR Understanding of what PR is and what it is not will help you to know what you are hiring and what you will accomplish before you hire.  IF you don’t have a clear understanding between the difference of marketing and PR; educate yourself to gain a perspective on the public relations industry and practice standards, cost, and methods used to get your message out to the public before you hire a publicist, pr specialist, promoter, etc.

     Don’t get me wrong, marketing is always a part of PR but it is only in perspective and a tool and not a measurement for the end results. Public Relations a.k.a. PR; brings awareness and provides seeds of pubic knowledge within the given community it was promoted.  Those seeds are jewels and treasures that will probably outlast the business or agency’s own existence.  When you show up in a community and do something genuinely good; you make a mark that will last beyond your life time.  People remember when someone does something good with a good heart and purpose.

A Sale will start today and be gone tomorrow-  An impression planted today is a milestone for all to see forever.  Community Relations a.k.a. “Good Cause”, builds long lasting relationships that cannot be measured in a one-day sale.

That’s why I created Exceptions- “PR With A Purpose”

     To help small business owners use what they got, to get what they need, so they can get to where they want to be; Give Back 2 Pay Forward is an economical recovery method that creates business and jobs by helping entrepreneurs and small business owners get what they need now to do business in Ohio and abroad.

     By pairing small business owners with “Good Causes” and talent, artist, and media; we can accomplish great things together while promoting the small business owner as the back drop. When we promote and support small business owners and entrepreneurs; jobs are created and income is earned thats supports local and national economy.  

     There is no shame in that game, it is a reality.  It is honest and sincere.  It is a way to create business with longevity. It is a way to support local economy and its community residents and businesses.

Exceptions- PR With A Purpose formula is and has always been:

CSR + Talent/Artist + “Good Cause” = Revenue Share for ALL parties involved

BUT, that doesn’t mean you will see it right away today or tomorrow or next week, maybe 3 months from now, or even years later!  What it means is that you may see returns on your community involvement from the very beginning of your business through the life of your business and/or organization when you use PR (Public Relations) to gain awareness and prospect customers/clients to your product and/or service.

     PR is: building awareness of your brand and the community who shops with you so they can shop with you more!

    Marketing is: taking a presentation of your product or service and turning it into either a short advertisement, word of mouth, in print, or commercial and expecting a measured profit for your ROI (Return on Investment).  Meaning you spend money to have someone craft a message to sale your product or service using different marketing techniques. In turn you expect to generate sales and leads that have measurable results now right after the sale.

See the difference?  IF not ask more questions.

    For you see many years ago the two concentrations were distinctly separate; it was modernization that did not help the already distinguished industries maintain its integrity of the separation years after the game plan changes and then merged.  It remains a debate; did the egg come before the chicken? Or was it the Chicken before the egg?  PR dominates or is it Marketing that really holds the weight?

     In my opinion while the two are most certainly needed for all public awareness campaigns of products, services, and good causes; they still are different in their function, necessity, methods, and outcomes.

     Wanna learn more about what PR is and what marketing is?  Check out this article by Michael Turney ” On-line Readings in Public Relations:  On-line Readings in Public Relations by Michael Turney

When you need your product/service story heard, hire Exceptions PR With A Purpose to make it NEWS to use to get your message out!

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