“Stonecreek Dental” Ohio Dentistry at its BEST! Exceptions Special Blog Post: Exceptions RESOURCE ALERT on TTR this Thursday

Thursday August 30th 6PM EST on Talktainmentradio.com  Exceptions PR With A Purpose’s RESOURCE ALERT


September 7th 8am-2pm

11295 Stonecreek Drive, Pickerington, OH 43147

J. Clarke Sanders DDS

     Dr. Sanders is truly  the heart and soul of the StoneCreek Dental Care practice since its inception in 1986. I have never met a dentist who was so happy and joyous. Amazing atmosphere that Dr. Sanders creates in the hallways and byways of the dental practice office located in Pickerington, OH. 

                 When you come to think of a dentist and what they do for us; it makes sense that Dr. Sanders prides himself in making people laugh and SMILE. 

Erin M. Biehle, DDS

     “Dr. Biehle  is a highly skilled, yet compassionate doctor with an eye for detail especially with Sedation cases, Cosmetic Dentistry and Invisalign”.   Without a doubt that statement from the official StoneCreek Dental Website (click above for link) regarding Dr. Biehle is absolutely, unequivocally, and most genuinely TRUE.  She is an amazing dentist, mother, mentor, and caring person.  It is no wonder that year after year Dr. Biehle receives high accolades from her peers, patients, and community. 
     For many months as a small business entrepreneur I did not have dental insurance and could not find a dentist who was willing to work with me for the care I desperately needed.  Being a diabetic with thyroid issues; my hair, teeth, and nails had been either falling out or off over and over again for the past few months; it has really put a kink in my job as a publicist.

     As there are many health issues and stressors in life that affect the health of  your teeth; you need to take care of your dental health just as much if not more  than your vision and medical needs. And when your job is for the public to see; make sure you are ready to see the public with a SMILE.

      In a perfect world where we hope to find that all are with good health practices and resource to care for themselves; we hope that people can find resources for their dental health.  But this is not a perfect world.  That’s why people like Dr. Sanders and Dr. Biehle go above and beyond their call of duty.  And that’s what makes people like me, small business entrepreneur without dental insurance;  eternally grateful for dentist like Dr. Sanders and Dr. Biehle. 

     What they are doing in this community and for the representation of the best of the best of the art of dentistry is not only commendable and honorable; it is also cutting edge in empowering of others to be there best while doing it with              THE BEST SMILE!

       I am honored to report this wonderful community service that StoneCreek Dental Care of Pickerington, Ohio will be providing to people in Central Ohio this upcoming September 7th, 2012 between the hours of 8am – 2pm. First come First serve.

     I am overly emotional in that I have never been treated so kindly in a dentist office in my entire life time.  If you promise not to tell; I am extremely scared of having my dental work done.  With a few bad experiences in past; I try at all cost to avoid the dentist not just because of cost and lack of insurance; but mostly because of fear. 

For all those who are scared like me; going to StoneCreek Dental Care you will have no worries and all your fears will be gone.

     Listen to my show, Exceptions To The Rules at 6PM EST on Talktainmentradio.com this week to hear more of the story of how these people treated me like the Queen of Sheba from the moment I walked in, stopped at the hand spa station, and on to the dentist chair to get my dental treatment with a SMILE.

      Don’t forget! September 7th at StoneCreek Dental Care Gives Back event to provide folks who do not have dental insurance with dental care services like a cleaning, an extraction, or a filling. Last year it was reported that they served 115 patients totaling to over $22,000. 

     Hats off to all the dentist, dental assistants, and office personnel at StoneCreek Dental Care in Pickerington, Ohio! 

                      You simply are the BEST!

Be sure to let them know you heard it from the Exceptions.  And PLEASE do not forget to show them some love and thankfulness.  Best way to do it is with your beautiful SMILE.

Talktainmentradio.com  Exceptions PR With A Purpose’s RESOURCE ALERT This Thursday 6PM EST

StoneCreek Official Copy and pictures By: Jeff Collins, Marketing Director

One response to ““Stonecreek Dental” Ohio Dentistry at its BEST! Exceptions Special Blog Post: Exceptions RESOURCE ALERT on TTR this Thursday

  1. I have to give a shout out to Angie, Dr. Biehle’s assistant. Marvelous care to me; the patient. Am so thankful for your kindness and willingness to give the best service to ALL who come to StoneCreek Dental Care. Thank you for putting my mind at ease and my teeth in your care!

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