Exceptions Blog Post 8-18-12 “ If you missed The Exceptions To The Rules Show 1099 Independent Contractor V. W-2 Employee determination in the workplace. LINK to Podcast and PDF IRS 20 Point Checklist for 1099 employment.

Independent Contractor V Employee; which one are you?

Ohio Attorney Michael Anthony and HR/payroll specialist Small Business Professional Services, LLC, Maria and Phil Reese guest on the E Michelle Lee Show- Exceptions To The Rules- #ShopLocal #BeGlobal on Talktianmentradio.com

.pdf IRS 20 point checklist for 1099 Workers

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Exceptions Resource Alert: Hotcardscolumbus.com

Exceptions To The Rules Radio Show- Episode: 08/16/12 Independent Contractor 1099 V. W-2 Employee Status in the workplace:  http://ow.ly/d3Qvv


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Are you an exception to the rule? Tune in to find out! Exceptions To The Rules is an online radio show designed to motivate, educate, and help you create your own Resource Bank, a tool essential to your success as a frugal entrepreneur and business owner with little or no cash flow.  Each week, Listen Live! as online host E. Michelle Lee and expert guests discuss topics such as getting the resources that you need, health care options for small business owners, Exceptions “PR with a Purpose” resource alerts, and much more!

Author of the book The Exceptions To The Rules: Are You One? You Can Be! – How To Overcome Any Obstacle Order your copy here on lulu.com.  Show host E. Michelle Lee is on a mission to help people get access to resources they need to succeed in “Real Time” and “At The Speed of Business”. Whether through her Exceptions Phase 10 or 6 Week Fast Tract Programs, or blog, Exceptions To The Rules: Resource Bank, E. Michelle Lee inspires and educates people from various socio-economic backgrounds with diversified experiences and talents who have decided they are the exception to the rule.

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