HBR Article say’s Marketing is Dead. I think NOT As long as people still live and breath, marketing interaction is required

Marketing is NOT DEAD

Contrary to popular belief that social media will be the “tell all” to gaining your next customer; traditional marketing is alive and well and most of all: NEEDED human interaction!

If we don’t know our customers and their needs; how can we market to them?

     Social media platforms would like us to believe that online is the only place we need to be.  So not true.  While the future may hold that all people will receive their information and products from some type of technology outlet; that future is not here yet thank God.  Nor will it be in my or your life time.

     The issue here is that those who are saying that digital is the ONLY way to go; stand to benefit the most from this approach to marketing.  Of course it is their agenda to convince you and me to buy into (did you hear that- BUY into) their way of marketing.   Not happening.  Today’s world more than ever need that interaction approach and that my friend requires one to get out from behind that computer, ipad, iphone, kindle, yada yada and MEET AND GREET people.

     For you see, without human interaction it is not possible to know what the buyer whats much less needs.  While I have a true love of technology; I am intellectually inclined to know that my interactions whether on a consumer level or B2B relationship I must interact to be in the know.  Simply said, marketing and public relations, coupled with promotions is how we come to conclusions of knowing the products and services that people want to hear about in the market.  All of which requires that we start with the simple math of one person plus one person equals two people that know and will share what you have shared with them during your interaction, aka the sale.

With recent debate over the article written by Bill Lee posted on Harvard Business Review entitled ” Marketing is Dead”; I have gained a wealth of information that clearly supports………….

     While researching and analyzing the article written by Mr. Lee on HBR; I have come to the conclusion that our very own Exceptions- PR With A Purpose mission, vision, and customer guarantee is leading the way for well rounded marketing and PR experience for customers and human interaction.  “Because you got to use what cha got, till you get what you need, so you can get to where you want to be” Exceptions PR With A Purpose is here for you!

      As they say, “it takes all kinds”; well I find that is true in marketing when you are trying to hit not miss the opportunities to get your product/service into the hand of the buyer who needs it.  Buyer effective message delivery starts between consumer and product/service relationship building.  In today’s world as depicted in the diagram above; many faucets of reach is required in order to create the full process circle.  I. E. the sales funnel– ah hum- “traditional marketing”.

          In the HBR article two different data surveys are mentioned that was used to base the article and the comment sections insights regarding how marketing is changing even as we speak now.  While I appreciate the info I find it intriguing that 199 IDG  people surveyed and 600 CEO’s from another survey represents the entire marketing industry.  Now that’s just not enough data for me.  IF the numbers were higher, maybe so.  But, considering how many people are affected by marketing and those who number in the ranks of marketeers; the numbers represented in those surveys doesn’t compare.

     How long will it take folks to understand that the push by social media and technology  to eradicate human one on one time is not going to work for any purpose that is good for all of humankind?  People need People in order to thrive and in order to stimulate the economy and culture.

     Read the article at HBR; more importantly read the comments of the PEOPLE.  You definately will be enlighted to prepare for your next marketing campaign. Today’s CEO’s and online consumers may be frustrated with the lack of measurement and the push marketing messages; but it’s because they are becoming desensitized by the mass of information they intake everyday without targeted thought and human interaction that develops eyeball to eyeball relationships. 

     Here at Exceptions- “PR With A Purpose” we believe that in order to get the word out there about your products, services, and causes; we have to provide a full spectrum of marketing, PR, promotions, social media, human interaction, and more to ensure our best practices and efforts to you and your message!

Ya’ll come back now-

If you need the help from a down to earth business consultant who will work her tail off for you.  Contact me only if you are willing to do your part too!


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