Ultimate Golf LLC in the house at Talktainmentradio.com on the E. Michelle Lee Show Exceptions To The Rules- #ShopLocal #BeGlobal

L-R Gurbaaz Mann, Ben Harrington, Chuck Mayhew, Lyod, Jeff Bell, Richard

The fellas from Ultimate Golf LLC were LIVE in studio with me, your host, E. Michelle Lee,  of the Exceptions To The Rules radio show on Talktainmentradio.com yesterday to discuss the art of business on the Golf Course.  

      The biggest tip for a golfer doing business on the course is to: improve your game for ease so you’re not taxing your brain while you play.  Enjoy the game  by player development off the course, say’s Pro  Golfer of the Asian/ Indian Tour Gurbaaz Mann.  In fact, he has created a system to close the gap between the player and the club.  Based on his mentor, Lyod, creator of the Fit Chip; he has devised a scientific approach to the Golf Game that none other has yet to produce.  This player development method is making waves in the golfers world and definitely on the fairways.

     Companies big and small have birthed on the golf course; some of our biggest deals have agreed to terms and conditions by the turn on the 9th hole.  But, never before the fourth hole shall we chat because that’s the time it takes to get into the rhythm of your swing.  And since the first 9 are the warm up for the back 9. The deal is done by the turn and you can enjoy the rest of your game.  See that’s how business is done on the golf course!

Learn to play golf; if nothing else, enjoy riding in the cart looking at the landscaping.  But make sure you get out there regardless of your play level.  It is a wonderful place to learn so many life lessons and socialize with some great people.  It’s good for you.  Be fit and healthy- Play Golf!


Ya’ll come back now-

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