This coming Thursday LIVE in Studio The E. Michelle Lee show on 6PM EST CAll Line open 1-877-932-9766

This coming Thursday, August 2nd, 2012 “The E. Michelle Lee Show goes LIVE at 6PM EST on

Click LIsten LIVE join the show; call 1-877-932-9766 to chat with special guest on The E Michelle Lee Radio Program Exceptions To The Rules-; ask Michelle a question, suggest a resource you know about, ask for your resource to be featured, be a guest in studio or via telephone, have your business service/product featured.

Be a Contestant in the Exceptions Radio Reality Game for entrepreneurs and businesses. More Info

CLICK LISTEN LIVE THIS THURSDAY AT 6PM EST ON  The World’s Greatest Radio.  Radio The Way it should be heard. 

CALL 1-877-932-9766 between 6-7pm EST on August 2nd, Thursday.

Home of the “ #ShopLocal #BEGlobal Radio Reality Game” (to BE A Contestant, sponsor, vendor/supplier send an email to )


Tune in  this coming Thursday, August 2nd at 6PM EST to: get business tips, access to resources, motivation for round 2 of your day so you can have some pep in your step, hear expert guest and from local and global business owners who are Exceptions To The Rules.

        Have fun with us while you are getting the tools and resources you need in “Real Time” and “At The Speed of Business’ with me, E. Michelle Lee, your host of the Exceptions To The Rules- #ShopLocal #BeGlobal listen LIVE to Radio the way it should be heard on  Thursdays LIVE at 6PM EST-

LIVE in Studio this week: Exceptions Barter Members: Cakes And Quiche, LLC, Francene Harris, Monaco’s Catering, George Norris,  Ultimate Golf- Chuck Mayhew and maybe one more to discuss the resources they got, the services and products they provided, and the business they got from doing it through the Exceptions Barter Exchange Resource Bank.

Let’s work together to help our economy grow to self sustaining communities!

Join the show this Thursday 6PM EST on


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