Broadcast LIVE today ALL DAY at the Ohio State Fair 2012- Meet the Host 5-7pm  The Worlds Greatest Radio broadcast live today July 28th, 2012 at the Ohio State Fair.

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     The internet based Radio Station,                                           Talktainment , with studios located  at 463 East Town Street in downtown Columbus, Ohio broadcast live at this year’s annual Ohio State Fair 2012.

     Global and local listeners can experience Ohio State Fair festivities LIVE on

      So be sure to stay tuned to for live broadcast of the Ohio State Fair. 

 on Twitter ‏@talktainment

RT: All Day Saturday Join Us at the @OhioStateFair! Plus, Listen Live! to a Special Broadcast from 5-7PM!


“The World’s Greatest Radio

                                    Radio- The way it should be heard”

on: and on Twitter:  @Talktainment ; don’t forget to LIKE their page on FaceBook @ Talktainment Radio

Meet some of the host and announcers who are hanging out at the TTR booth at the Ohio State Fair 2012.

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