Radio Show Host Seeking #Ohio Entrepreneurs and Businesses to compete in an on air Reality Game of: #shoplocal #BEGlobal Register now to apply for casting call. show host: E. Michelle Lee invites  local Central Ohio businesses to join the Exceptions Resource Bank for a Radio Reality GAME Show for Small and Big Business Owners!

      E. Michelle Lee, Published Author of  “The Exceptions To The Rules- Are you one? You Can BE!”, owner of PR With A Purpose and host of the E Michelle Lee Show on; Exceptions To The Rules- #ShopLocal #BEGlobal- heard live every Thursday at 6pm starting August 2nd, 2012 on ” The Worlds Greatest Radio- – Radio The Way it Should Be Heard” is:

INVITING : Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Med-Lg sized businesses, and Franchised Chains to :

Compete in the Exceptions Radio Reality Game Show.

  Buying and Selling services and products to operate and grow a business  using Exceptions Dollars. 

           $1,000 credit line will be available to the contestants to open their Exceptions Bank Account and start playing the game.  The object of the game will be for the contestant to be the best business chosen based on their ability to utilize the Exceptions Resource Bank’s Exception Dollars for several different winning categories to fund and operate their own business whether at start up stage, maintenance, and especially those businesses who are in the process of recovering from hard times. 

The Business who uses  Exceptions Dollars have the chance to win  in several categories  and will be awarded a prize in addition to all of the publicity they are getting to promote their business

(Prize Awards TBA- multiple chances for all contestants). 

Selected Contestants who have won in different game challenges will have the opportunity to feature their business as a guest on the E. Michelle Lee Radio Show on This show is heard live, globally,  and in multiple markets. Podcast are available 24/7.

Contestants will have the opportunity to get the tools, services, products, and resources they need for their own business; stuff like:

printer service, office supplies and equipment, website design, accountants, lawyers, dentist, optometrist, restaurants, hairdressers, consultants, plumbers, landscape, electrician, auto repair, cleaning services, computers and services, pest control, radio-tv, hotels & motels, dry cleaning services, health clubs, medical doctors, pharmacies, hvac, and more.


If you want to be a sponsor or if you want to be a vendor to the contestants playing,



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Face Book me at “PR With A PUrpose”

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