What to do before it really cost your business when you have been misinformed? Tips for verifying the info you recieve.

You feel that big slap up side your forehead with both hands holding your face while your are thinking, “Oh no, but they said this was the way it was supposed to be done?”


Well for starters you need to verify  what ever way it is said to be that will fix this issue.  Meaning, when you gather new information that says, “do it this way.” You ask for proof!

     Stories from new clients of mine is heart sinking when I hear them explain they were instructed to do something incorrectly and it will cost them cash flow and time they don’t have, for a subject matter they thought to be completed.

     My advice to consultants, friends, and colleagues that are advising small business owners on “what to do” when they grow up. 🙂 Please make sure your information and research is correct. IF you think you are helping them by giving them wrong information, you are wrong to have said anything.  No doubt you may have meant well; but this is serious business for small business owners and entrepreneurs.  Time and money wasted is time and money they cannot afford to lose. 

     Please be careful when giving other folks information.  If you are sharing something that will have a serious impact on someones business decision; please make sure it is correct and factual.  Your words will lead to someone else s actions and in all honesty, you then become responsible in part,  for their taking action based on your advice and/or guidance.

     For those of you who have already taken the advice and/or guidance of another and it has worked but been found to be incorrectly done; please keep this in mind…………..

When you get verifiable “Right” information to correct the “Wrong” information you received and acted upon; don’t hate the messenger. 🙂

     For you see when I discover something that has been incorrectly done for one of my clients; I just created another problem for them to have to shell out money for  to pay for the previous mistake.  And even though,  I had nothing to do with what went wrong before my time,  on the account; they still look at the consultant as though it were them who is costing them more money than they anticipated.  And that’s not good for your new client to feel that way nor for the consultant to be looked upon in that perspective.


     FOR YOU-

the one troubled by the mistake and affected outcome of their previous investment of time and money with someone else at the helm of your business.

           Take the new information you have received and ask for insight from the new person who has done the research to come to this conclusion.  Ask the person who gave you the information to confirm its authentic origin and to verify it is good and up to date information.  Until you get to know their work better; ask the consultant to provide some of their research if it is not already in the documentation they have prepared for you based on their findings and the reason for which you hired the consultant. 

     Be sure to explain in a very courteous and professional way  that you are not questioning their services intent while you are questioning their level of expertise and learning about how they do things.  No explanation should be needed since the new consultant already knows that you have had a bad experience that stemmed from good intent.  Since you have already been misguided;  you want to be ensured that will not happen again for the same subject matter and task at hand.


     Be understanding, when a new client, who has had a bad experience by a no default situation,  is overtly cautious with you in the beginning of your business relationship.  

     First of all the best way to gain the confidence from your new client is as open as possible as time permits to show them how you work.  If you make sure you are doing your utmost best to provide correct information that you have verified through a process before you recommend to a client; you will gain their confidence in your work so you can do your job. 

     If you need some help with verifying the resources and methods you are sharing with you clients; you may want to check out my 3DEEP method in conjunction with the research formula that I use and have adapted from my years as a Paralegal in the legal industry;  IRAC (Issue Research Analysis Conclusion). 

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