How prepared are you to meet your next potential client? Here’s a few tips from E. Michelle Lee

     There’s nothing more embarrassing than not knowing at least something about the people you are meeting at a per-arranged time; wouldn’t you agree?

     How does it make you feel when you have been invited to take time out of your busy schedule to meet with someone who say’s they are interested in doing business with you to find out they know nothing about your business?

      All too often people waste others time just because they don’t prepare before they meet.  It’s kinda an insult for me when I am at a meeting that was on the books with someone who did not take the time to do their homework about me and my business.  What a waste of time!  The least you can do about a person and their company is Google them before you meet.

     Looking back on meetings I have had in past; historical data shows that those who failed to know me did not earn my business nor did I want to do business with them.  Business is relational.  Think about it, if we have nothing in common, i.e. if you have nothing I need or that I can supply to you; the relationship is what takes our business to the future.

Building relationships starts with the first impression, the meeting, the preparation.  Learn how to be prepared to meet your next client.      If you want to stop wasting time with useless meetings take into account these tips to help you generate fruitful meetings.  Meetings that produce and build solid business relationships.

Time is just to precious and in an already unbalanced state; we must qualify meetings before we spend time preparing for them.  But, if you are going to show up; then you need to show that you are prepared.


Complete a 5X7 Card of info about the person you are meeting, the company they are with, and what it is you can do for them and what they can do for your business.



Search to find anything in the News about them or if they have published any documents online, i.e. articles and such.


Check to see if they are sponsors of any activities in the community.  This will tell you what they are passionate about outside of normal work hours.  It is also a great way to see the company’s character and culture.

     These are just a few tips.  I have a ton more about relationship building that is genuinely authentic and crucial to creating community that #ShopLocal and #BeGlobal promotes for doing business and reviving small businesses and their owners.

COMING SOON, The E. Michelle Lee Show on “The Exceptions To The Rules- #shoplocal #BEglobal Getting the Resources you need to do Business! in “Real Time” and “At The Speed of Business”

Stay Tuned for more info

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