Coming Soon Exceptions To The Rules- #ShopLocal BE Global Radio Show with E. Michelle Lee

Coming Soon To Thursdays on ” The
E. Michelle Lee Show- Exceptions To The Rules- #ShopLocal #BEGlobal               Stay tuned y’all, I will be giving updates about my new up coming show on . The Worlds Greatest Radio-           Radio The Way It Should Be Heard!

         This is some of the stuff you might hear when you listen in to my show. Again, we are gearing up to get this show produced!  Please be patient and understanding as we build a radio show for individuals and business owners who need resources right now, in “Real Time” and “At The Speed of Business”.

Exceptions To The Rules- With E. Michelle Lee on    radio- the way it should be heard!

         Are you an Exceptions To The Rules? Tune in to find out. Exceptions To The Rules is an online radio  show designed to motivate, educate, and help you create your own Resource Bank imperative to your success as a frugal entrepreneur and business owner with little or no cash flow; at the moment!

Getting from the shoestring to the bling bling budget, “Learnin As We gO”; #ShopLocal #BEGlobal and Give Back 2 Pay Forward. 

           Each week, Listen Live! as online host E. Michelle Lee and expert guests discuss topics such as Getting the Resources You need, Health Care Options for Small Business Owners, Exceptions-“PR With A Purpose” ‘s Resource Alerts, and much more!  You can expect to learn and earn while you have a good laugh along the way with E. Michelle Lee, An Exception To The Rules!    Are you one?    You can BE!

       Author of the book “The Exceptions To The Rules-Are you one? You Can BE! “How To Overcome ANY obstacle”, show host E. Michelle Lee is on a mission to help people get access to resources they need to succeed in “Real Time” and “At The Speed of Business”.  Whether through her Exceptions Phase10 or 6Week Fast Tract programs, or blog, Exceptions To The Rules’ Resource Bank; E. Michelle Lee inspires and educates people from various socio-economic backgrounds with diversified experiences and talents who have decided they are The Exception To The Rule.

Join the online radio conversation:
Call 1.877.932.9766 or Email

Exceptions To The Rules with E. Michelle broadcasts online, every Thursday at TBA_________
Podcasts of Exceptions To The Rules with E. Michelle Lee are available for download 24/7
Exceptions To The Rules with E. Michelle Lee is an online radio broadcast heard exclusively on

Be sure to  follow the show on twitter @ExceptionsBE.

Remember the show will be heard Every Thursday-  I need all my followers to log on at so that I will create ratings and be picked up on the station and others continued show list.

      So, please don’t forget to log on during my show and stay logged on 🙂 Preciate cha,  while I am doing my best to bring you RESOURCES that you can use now.


3 responses to “Coming Soon Exceptions To The Rules- #ShopLocal BE Global Radio Show with E. Michelle Lee

  1. I will let you know the show’s airing date soon!

  2. UPDATE, Exceptions To The Rules will be heard on on Thursdays 6-7pm!

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