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      Do you know why your computer files are so scattered and you most generally take more than ten minutes to find something on your computer?  Maybe you didn’t realize in the beginning that you should really have a system in place for logging and keeping track of the method to your madness with your personal and/or business files on your computer?

     Well if this sounds like you or you just need to tidy up some things on your computer; heads up to these four tips that will help you to divide and conquer the vast collection of files full of valuable information that you have stored on your computer; AND NO WHERE ELSE.

TIP 1:

1)  Make a list of at least 25 main files keywords (Currently I have 47 Main Files).

In your My Documents Main File- you can create folders with naming conventions like: EmLee Personal-Confidential Folder, Android Files, Eldest Son’s folder, Youngest Sons Folder, Exceptions Folder, Business 1, Non Profit, Advice Columnist, ……. You see the pattern? 

For tips 2-4 continuing reading how to arrange your files on your computer so that you can access them more easily and quicker.  Have your info at your fingertips!……..


creating Drill Down Sub-Folders

                After you create your main headings folders under your My Documents folder; create all the sub folders you need under each main category.  But don’t get crazy with it or it will drive you crazy later when you have to find a document you needed 10 minutes ago. 

Example:  Main Computer Folder Category: Business 1

Sub-folder headings:    Business Legal, Business Marketing, Business Brochures, Business Blog, Business Proposals, Business Contacts, Business Pics, Business Website, Business SEO, Business Clients, Business Operations, Business Invoice, Business Events Attended, Business Media Kit, Business Publications, Business Accolades, and Business Learning to name a few not in any particular order.  (hint: with the click of one button you will be able to arrange them all in alpha ordering)

DRILL DOWN- at least 3DEEP


Applying my 3Deep method to your files- I recommend for the long haul of cataloging your files to at the least go three deep within your files to store documents that you need on a continuing basis.  It is better to create more sub-folders to a category than it is to create tons of Main Categories. 

Within the files of the suggested headings in Tip 2- you can and should go one more level deep to create room for future file growth.

Example:  Business Marketing Sub-Folder of Business 1 main file category

Within the sub-folder Business Marketing you may find the following files necessary to separate all of the multitude of documents that you will eventually create for your business:

Biz Marketing Letters, Biz Marketing Sales Ads, Biz Marketing Proposals, Biz Marketing Materials, Biz Marketing Opportunities, etc…….. (not a comprehensive list)


Last but not least the most important tip of them all.

Naming Conventions that work for you.

The most important tip about organizing your files is how you name the file.  You need to have a standard application for creating your file’s names just like you do your various passwords.

Example: C:\Documents and Settings\MichelleR\My Documents\Business Consultant MLee\Blog Post

     Within my blog post file I have my blogs organized by entry date.  6-18-12   Name of object  +  Name of Originator  if not something of mine own.  That is how I name each document or picture I create that is used for this daily blog.  That way if I ever need to find anything I can first find it by date.  Then by what the subject matter was about by keyword, or by the person who created the document or photo.  It sure does put my info I need right now at my finger tips when I need it.  Sometimes though, I still get lost within the thousands of files I did not include in my category logging because they pre-dated my system revelation. LOL,, still cleaning that up.

 Organization is the key to simplicity and effectual living. A.K.A. Having peace of mind and less stress.

Hope these tips helped you! Let me know if you used any of them or if you need more info.

If ya need a little help. Be sure to call upon me. thank ya for stopping by this week. If you have a subject you would like for me to discuss. Leave a comment below or feel free to email me at contact@ExceptionsToTheRules.com

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