Lesson’s From A Lizard- You’d be surprised what you can learn…….

Who would have thunk it; learning such a valuable lesson from watching a Costa Rican Common basilisk Lizard; a.k.a “the Jesus Lizard”.

This little guy can literally run on water. That’s what this lizard was designed to do.

Science tells us that the construction of the body of this Common Basilisk Lizard is what equips him to be able to defy nature and skip, hop, to the beat of running on water for escape and food.   Notice in the picture above the way in which the lizards legs go straight out sideways from its little body.  Yet, like a bicycle in motion when he runs it is that very reason he runs on water.  The tail of this lizard acts as its anchor and keeps the lizard afloat.  As long as the Common Basilisk keeps moving and doesn’t lose his speed he can make it for long distances.

To say the least, this whole phenomenon, is one of those things like Arsenio Hall used to say would make you go, hmmmmm?


     The secret to the lizards ability only requires him to do one thing.  Can you guess what that is?  I’ll tell you.  The secret to keeping the lizard running on water without sinking is that he can’t lose his rhythm and momentum once he starts out running. Because, the moment he slows down and throws his own rhythm off; he will sink… 

     Once he has lost his speed and rhythm and he sinks; he then has no other choice but to swim the rest of the way.  Now, his only defense against predators, has been lost, and his journey is hard because he lost focus.

Sometimes it is hard to keep our eyes on the prize.   Especially when we may have recently had some successes.  But, as we can see in the Costa Rican “Jesus Lizard”; we must keep our focus and not lose our momentum no matter what blurred vision we are experiencing during a set back or circumstance.  Just as it is hard, not to pay attention to the blurred words above; we are easily distracted by things on the sidelines of our lives.

Continue reading for a few tips to help you

   These times are crucial for you to stay focused on your core goal and purpose for running this race.    Don’t allow for the circumstances or unimportant issues detour you off the path you have chosen to run.  Once you are going you can’t stop.  Just like the lizard; if you stop you will sink.

Today I had some great happenings. And even if I hadn’t I would have said “All is Well” anyway. (Say it is so even if it ain’t.)   Come on, try it. Say it out loud: “All is WELL”.  The next time one of your friends ask you how you are and you can’t say things are well. Say things are well, simply say to them “All is Well”.

The moment that you decide to tell them how things really are; here is what will happen.  Hey, how are you?  You say, I have just had the worst experience ever.  This happened and then that happened, now this is going to happen after this happens; on and on and on you go explaining the true happenings in your dreadful day.

Yeah, you’re going no where but further down.  YOU’RE going down man. LOL

Now your friend feels all the pain caught up from the day in his life and yours too.  So not only have you drug yourself down further; you took Sam with you too.  Physically and mentally. They both go hand in hand.

This is not to say there are times you need to let it out; it is to say there are times and people with whom you should be able to let it out.  But you still have so much more to accomplish on this particular day and you cannot allow yourself to surcome to the thoughts that are leading you down the wrong path.  You have to make yourself thinking about the grief and focus on the goal.Make a rule for yourself to follow.  M-F- 9-5 you commitment to not thinking about things that hurt you and cause triggered pain.    When a zinger comes through just remember the little lizard who only wins the safety of his speed if he doesn’t lose focus and keeps on running.  Sinking is not an option when your in the middle of deep waters that have predators in them waiting for you to go under.

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