This was just too important to miss: “BE STILL” “Sunday Mornin Reflections” with E. Michelle Lee Exceptions-PR With A Purpose-

As I share my reflections with you each week on early Sunday Mornings before I head out to the best house on the street to meet; The Good Lord’s House. This week I missed because of travailing with a life long health issue.  I apologize for the delay. Normally I would just announce no article today and move forward as I do like to keep this blog geared towards business M-F 9am-6pm.

     But this one is different. How ironic that even the subject matter of the week denotes to BE STILL. As is in this instance, before I can look past this message on my heart and start my work week; I must share with you the knowledge and reflection on the benefits of sitting back and analyzing the happenings or not so happenings in your life right now and being still while you do it.

I hope to share some things with you that will help you have a great week.

     Sunday Mornins is my time with you to encourage you to reflect on your past week and analyze it,to learn from it, and to better plan for your upcoming week. This is a regular segment that you can find every Sunday Morning by 9:30am on the Exceptions To The Rules Resource Blog.

     Absorb and release- change-improve, move more efficiently to accomplish more than you expected from yourself last week. As you grow towards your goals this week coming, think back to the week you just finished. Name 3 things that come to your mind right off the bat. Write them down in your journal.

     Take time to reflect on your past weeks daily activities from work to play. Do it every week so you can keep trotting ahead like a champion.

     Reflecting to projecting. That’s the way to make your life stronger, wiser, and to have a clearer site for your path ahead by breaking it down to one week at a time.

This weeks Sunday morning Reflections with: E. Michelle Lee/ subject: This weeks topic is: “Knowing When to Hold up on the down low so you can measure actions” Learn to BE STILL

As I don’t believe in sheer chance and that everything happens for a reason. It is no chance happening that today’s verse of the day from is Psalms 46:10  BE STILL- When we are waiting on something or trying to decide something very important to our future we must at the least wait a minute.

Photo Retrieved from Bing By: Pilgrims Scribblings

See what happens next when you learn to be still………

     This past week I made some drastic changes in my schedule purposefully to see if I got different results. Well, duh, of course I did said to self.  After testing my hypothesis; I am coming to the conclusion that maybe my internal intuition is trying to tell me something.  But since I couldn’t quite here what it is trying to tell me and guide me through. The biggest thought on my mind made me be still.  And that’s a “good thing”.

     For you see it is during quiet moments within our selves that we are able to get the best direction for our life.  Many times you will hear me tell you ” You have everything you need to be successful, deep down inside of you, just dig a little deeper” (E. Michelle Lee 2012).

     The best way to handle the situation when you don’t know how to handle the situation; is by being still enough for a while to figure it out. Seek out guidance. And, if you are like me; saying a prayer for guidance out loud asking for direction from the Good Lord. He is still in the business of helping and saving ya know.

     So as I reflect back on my week and seek ways to effectually produce in the week we started today; I know I made the right choice to be still and hush a moment so I could think and compare the changes I made.  The changes I made in my week last week clearly suggest that when I distance myself from the not so good for me to bringing myself closer to the things I was meant to be doing; I am where I am supposed to be and will receive blessings and favor.

HM,, the stove is hot!  OK, then don’t touch it and you won’t get burnt.   Simple statements that help us to understand profoundly valuable lessons of life.

Here is the Exceptions Reflections Song of the Week: 

It’s on my YouTube Channel, BackToBasicOfLife’s playlist entitled: ” Sunday Morning Relflections”



Have a blessed week and remember that your litmus test for knowing when to wait before making a decision or acting upon a prompting you have to do something that creates confusion in your state of mind about that particular thing; is to wait till you feel a release.  It is when you feel that gnawing deep inside of you that goes away and gives you peace to move forward.

If ya need a little help. Be sure to call upon me. thank ya for stopping by this week. If you have a subject you would like for me to discuss. Leave a comment below or feel free to email me at

Ya’ll come back now-

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4 responses to “This was just too important to miss: “BE STILL” “Sunday Mornin Reflections” with E. Michelle Lee Exceptions-PR With A Purpose-

  1. I am continuously invstigating online for articles that can assist me. Thx!

  2. I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good. I do not know who you are but definitely you are going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already 😉 Cheers!

  3. Thanks Bev for stopping by, I do appreciate your comment and hope to see ya back real soon. Regards, E. Michelle Lee, An Exception To The Rules! Are you one? You can BE!

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