Karla Perretta, Recording Artist LIVE today SAT 6-2-12 on the Lady Soultress Radio Show in Downtown Columbus, Ohio on Talktainmentradio.com


In Studio this coming Saturday, June 2nd,  2012 at 12PM EST on Talktainmentradio.com    

Recording Artist        Karla Perretta

 LIve in STUDIO with Lady Soultress and special guest co-host E. Michelle Lee from Exceptions- “PR With A Purpose” on Talktainment Radio.com; ” The way that music should be heard”.

The Soultress Show- A  station where ONLY the “Serious Artist Should Apply” and listeners should tune in for the latest in the #localartist scene and theme !

Join the online radio conversation this Saturday to WIN Karla’s give- a- ways and talk to Karla, Lady Soultress, and E. Michelle Lee:
Call 1.877.932.9766 or E-Mail priscilla@tpproject.org

To no further adue let me introduce, if you don’t already know,  our upcoming guest artist hailing from Ohioooooooooo Karla Perretta-

Click on the links below to connect with Karla Perretta

Karla’s Website:

Follow Karla on Face Book

Don’t Forget our Exceptions- RESOURCE ALERT

Exceptions PR With A Purpose’s E. Michelle Lee will also be in studio this week to deliver Exceptions-Resource Alert for artist and the business minded professional who need professional materials, opportunities, and just plain ol stuff to run their business like a business.

Artist, when you need professional materials and services to be your best. Things you need to be a polished professional looking Artist of your kind. Like Press Kits, One Sheets, Photo Shoots, Attorney Services, Lady Soultress Coaching Sessions, PR With a Purpose services, printers, accountants, business cards, website design; whatever you need to operate as a professional artist we want to help you get it.

Tune in to the Lady Soultress show to get your top resources and tips of the week especially designed for #LOCAL ARTIST who want to be nationally known.

Follow the Lady Soultress Show on twitter and Facebook to get up to date information about our guest, the resources we offer to business professionals, Especially ARTIST who are serious about their craft/talent and pursuing the life’s journey along side of their work.

@LadySoultress @ExceptionsBE and on Face Book at The Soultress Show and PR With A Purpose

Don’t forget 12PM EST this Saturday on The Soultress Show on TalktainmentRadio.com

CALL INTO THE SHOW AT ANY TIME: We will try our best to get you on

Call 1.877.932.9766

3 responses to “Karla Perretta, Recording Artist LIVE today SAT 6-2-12 on the Lady Soultress Radio Show in Downtown Columbus, Ohio on Talktainmentradio.com

  1. You are all so wonderful and very professional in your pursuit to achieve an outlet for independent artists.

  2. Thanks Karla, we are so excited to have you on the show today!

    Y’all listen in now 12PM EST on http://www.talktainmentradio.com. On the Soultress Show with Lady Soultress. Did you know that internet radio will soon be heard in our cars. See the blog post on Talktainment’s blog talking about GM, BMW, Ford cars and more that will have internet in the new cars being produced. Talktainment Radio, the way Radio should be heard.

  3. The Soultress is looking forward to not only highlighting the accomplishments of country recording artist Karla Perretta but also speaking to an artist with great intellect and a passion for song writting. With Karla’s traditional grounding, integrity, value and worth it’s sure to keep her in the music business for years to come. The conversation doesn’t stop there. E. Michelle Lee now author of debut book “Exceptions to the rules. Are you one? You Can BE!”. Just in case you think you are not a success where you are right NOW, it’s imparitive you tune in to obtain details about the journey and tenacity. Remember if you are in fact an exception to the rule than your uniqueness will ultimately launch you to the next level if you take ACTION!

    Be sure to tune into the ONLY web radio broadcast that features SERIOUS musicians, artist and performers. The Soultress Show of Talktainment Radio. Radio the way it should be heard. Note Soultress is not a style or sound but a lady (tress) that’s soley (soul) connected to the ARTS.

    Lady Soultress

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