FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE- New Author, E. Michelle Lee, owner of Exceptions- “PR With A Purpose” Releases NEW BOOK- Exceptions To The Rules- Are You One? You Can BE! (How To Overcome ANY Obstacle)



  There Are Exceptions To The Rules!

Sure foundations are built are on blueprints and rules, but sometimes there are The Exceptions To The Rules– makem don’t breakem! E. Michelle Lee; a woman of strength and resilience shows you how to overcome ANY obstacle with a smile!

 (Columbus, OHIO) – Just about everybody in today’s world can be an Exception to their current, past, or future circumstances; if they want too.  We are all singing in the same choir of difficulty, hardship, and pain.  How we overcome each new challenge shows us who we are and who we want to become no matter how hard we have to try over and over again.  Why? Because we are The Exceptions To The Rules!


The Exceptions To The Rules is a guide, lighthearted and full of resources for the reader to use when life presents stepping blocks over and over again or for the first time. Michelle shares personal stories based on actual occurrences in her life showing others they too can be amazing individuals who refuse to give up no matter what they face. When you can use your life challenges to learn and be the exception you call yourself; you will help many others do the same.

 The book is for anyone; male or female who knows deep down inside that their success measuring stick is not to the Jones’ but to their own beat and mission with their passion.  You will not believe what you can absorb for your own good; by looking at someone else’s experiences before you have to just jump in blindly you can gain tools and insight. E. Michelle Lee has directly or closely indirectly researched over 400 subject matters she has the experience on a lotta stuff that we all go through.  Get ready to roll up your sleeves, put on some thick skin, and have some fun while getting the motivation and resources you need to overcome any hurdle. Turn those hurdles into stepping blocks with every lesson learned and resources gained on each page of this book.

 About the author:

Ms. E. Michelle Lee, Speaker- Business Consultant, Executive Producer, and Publicist owner of Exceptions-“PR With A Purpose”.   The encourager, motivator, and supporter of those elite people who are exceptions to the rules and who have exhibited the makings of Give Back 2 Pay Forward into their hearts first and business second.  

Michelle is a speaker, executive producer/publicist and small business entrepreneur who has overcome and shared her knowledge with others from well over 400 human needs and business subjects that she provides solutions for to individuals and businesses with truthful advice; while being entertaining and with a light-hearted approach for strategic and creative solutions. Her approach; 3Deep Formula (3X3X3=?) is humorous and resource-rich.   

 Her mission is to help all people get the resources they need to succeed in “real time” and “at the speed of business”.  Learn more at .

Title: The Exceptions To The Rules- Are you one? You can BE: How to overcome ANY obstacle

Author: E. Michelle Lee

Genre: Self Improvement/Inspirational/Entertainment/Encouragement/Resilience, Persistence, Hurdle Know-how

ISBN: 978-1-105-79300-4

Publication Date: May 2012

Pages: 178

Price: $12.99

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