By: Exceptions- “PR With A Purpose” E. Michelle Lee, ” Jonalee White’s Band instudio performance SAT 5-5-12 on the Lady Soultress Radio Show in Downtown Columbus, Ohio on”

This past Saturday May 5th, 2012.  The Jonalee White Band performed LIVE on The Soultress Show in downtown Columbus, Ohio at the studio of Talktainment located on East Town Street; a station where you can “listen to radio the way radio should be heard”.

   Jonalee White, Lady Soultress, Kay Harris, and Molly Pauken as you can see above were all having a blast during this little shin digg in C-Town.  Joining the gang as guest and Exceptions PR With A Purpose’s creator of the weekly Exceptions-Resource Alert; E. Michelle Lee, Executive Producer and Publicist for Exceptions.                            Jonalee White, E. Michelle Lee, Kay Harris, Molly Pauken

Kay, Molly, and Jonalee pictured below here; giving a shout out live on the show to the listeners.

     Jonalee is hilarious. She’s known for telling her stories and not just in her songs either. She had us all cracking up while tellin us her story from touring down in Kentucky. Jonalee gets a big LOL. 

Listen to Jonalee Tell the story,, and get a good laugh on E. Michelle Lee’s BackToBasicOfLife You Tube Channel- Bonus “Sunday Paper” Live performance.

You can see a ton of Jonalee pics on Face Book page PR With A Purpose

     Be sure to sign up for Jonalee’s video tour with collaborator Yall Wire for the video journal reality show “The Long Road To Nashville” featuring The Jonalee White Band. When the JOnalee White Band is on the move; Yall Wire is on their trail so you fans can follow along with Jonalee and her crew.  You can also follow Jonalee on FaceBook (Jonalee White) and on Twitter @JonaleeWhite.

Find Kay Harris

and Molly Pauken on Face Book


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