Ohio uninsured Business Owners listen up; E. Michelle Lee, owner of Exceptions-“PR With A Purpose” is seeking Medical, dental, and vision services on your behalf

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Small Business Owner : “HELP! I need a DENTIST”.

“What insurance do you have?”, says the dentist’s office operator. Small Business Owner on the other line of the telephone line replies, “I don’t have any insurance”. Operator: ” OH, I am sorry, we must have a bad connection”.

Ohio Dentist, what will it take for us to come to a meeting of the minds here in order for the business owner community in Ohio to obtain dental coverage with options to pay?

Dentist, small business owners,  need your attention to this matter urgently. You know how dangerous the lack of dental health can be to the rest of the body; especially the brain.  You are fully aware of the growing need for dental health care for business owners and their employees who are uninsured to have access to dental care.  At least have an open mind to the different financing options being offered to patients by dentist all across the USA. Like the one Exceptions Offers.

Our country depends on the health, not just the wealth, of small business owners; they are the backbone of the economy. If they have tooth pain you and I both know that work is hardly going to get done the way it could be if they could get rid of that tooth pain.  Tooth pain puts a halt on business performance.

     When I was out scoping the research to fuel the content of this article about Ohio Business Owners need Dental Care payment options; I found these articles, clips, videos, and links to known authorities like CNN Money, Medical Office Today, FOX Business, NY Times, CBS,  and many others. These press releases  show how these Doctors/ Dentist are growing their patient base, covering the cost of operations, expanding their practice buildings, and most of all; helping to be a part of the solution to end the lack of health care for many Americans today; especial our small business owners. CONTINUE READING…..

Tooth pain can stop a freight train. It is one of the worst pains anyone could experience. Being a suffer of TMJ; I know first hand. Especially since 3 of my teeth fell out this past year when I couldn’t get my thyroid disorder maintained. Again, because of the lack of health care insurance.  FYI- if you have thyroid problems, it will affect your teeth if you don’t get it managed.

Business Owners have a more difficult time trying to keep the company and employees going when they don’t have dental care. Let’s fix that problem. Let’s work together to resolve it. Or at the least soften the blow a bit.

The below information was provided on other website with various authors, organizations, media experts, doctors, etc…… I have given credit where credit is due and where I was able to attribute the author of the written pieces.


Article | February 15, 2012 | By Daniel Casciato


Dr. Corwin Martin, a plastic surgeon and owner of Estetica Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery in Scottsdale, Ariz., has been part of his local community’s barter exchange, The Barter Group, for four years. He estimates that he has saved his practice an average of about $6,000 per month through bartering. “The savings is significant,” he says. “It saves you cash outflow and it still keeps you productive. I love it.”
Dr. Martin uses bartering for services and products including janitorial supplies and cleaning of his medical office, pest control, floor polishing, alarm system monitoring and locksmiths. “We use bartering a great deal,” he says, adding that the biggest advantage is cost savings. “It allows me to charge my normal fees to the patient and pay a percentage to the barter company for each transaction completed, and it saves us a significant amount of cash dollars.”

Finally, Dr. Martin says that if you choose to barter, remember to treat the bartering members the same way you treat regular patients or customers. “Treat everyone the same or the system fails,” he says. “You need to be really creative in how you use it and not give up on it. Also, if you have a vendor you like, try to get them to join as well, so you can mutually benefit.”

“I probably barter for an additional $15,000 in business through my trade exchange,” said Dr. Frank Gunvelsen, owner of a dental and orthodontic practice in Houston. “That’s $15,000 of new business that I wouldn’t have had it not been for my decision to barter my unscheduled appointment time.

From CNNMoney.com Can’t afford health care? Barter for it

In these cash-strapped times, bartering is gaining popularity – even for dental surgery and prescription drugs.

By Tina Peng, CNNMoney.com contributing writer

June 19, 2009: 4:54 AM ET

Corwin Discount Drugs, one of the few pharmacies that have joined the barter trade, sees heavy demand for its wares. Based in Lockport, Ill., the prescription drug supplier does around $100,000 a year in barter revenue, accounting for around 8% of the store’s annual sales.


Home » Featured » Bartering for Dental Services

From FOX News- Can’t Afford Health Care? Try Bartering

by Donna Fuscaldo

Published June 01, 2011

Maple City Health Care Center in Goshen, Ind., also has a program for patients that can’t afford medical care. Through its More Than Money program, patients who can’t afford to pay for their health care can get the help they need in exchange for volunteering with a variety of community organizations.
Read more: http://www.foxbusiness.com/personal-finance/2011/06/01/afford-health-care-try-bartering/#ixzz1uBOaXM90

From organized barter exchanges to individual programs hosted by hospitals, cash-strapped consumers are paying for health-care services by exchanging goods and services instead of money. The trend has been picking up steam thanks to rising health-care costs, high unemployment and reduced benefits from employers.

From Biz Journals:

Romero-Booth was able to use the service to fund dental services worth $23,000, of which $19,000 was funded solely through barter credits.

She had 18 teeth extracted and eight dental implants placed in her jaw to secure new dentures. She went to Dr. Corwin Martin at Estetica Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery of Scottsdale, who also has an account with the Barter Group.



Retrieved on 5-7-12

Barter helps dentists grow their business by filling otherwise
empty appointment time with barter customers. The increased
revenue helps  to offset daily costs and to improve the
bottom line of their dental practices.

“I probably barter for an additional $15,000 in business through my trade exchange,” said Dr. Frank Gunvelsen, owner of a dental and orthodontic practice in Houston. “That’s $15,000 of new business that I wouldn’t have had had it not been for my decision to barter my unscheduled appointment time.

With this additional income, I’m able to take my wife on an exotic vacation each winter, and trade for a car lease for my college-aged daughter. My decision to barter really put some teeth in my personal budget and gives us more discretionary income to work with.”


Dentists barter with cash-strapped patients

By Rochelle Sharpe, DrBicuspid.com contributing writer

And some people seem more willing to spend barter dollars than U.S. currency. “I look at it as Monopoly money,” said Randy Pane, D.D.S., a dentist in Reno, NV, who has used his barter dollars to maintain his office, stay at fancy hotels while attending dental courses, and splurge on such items as a Jacuzzi for his home.

But for him, part of the benefit is being able to treat patients who otherwise are unable to afford dental care. “This helps give back to the community,” he said.

“I use barter to fill in the gaps,” said Dr. Savastano, who does about $50,000 of business in trade each year. When dentists question why he bothers, he responds: “Would you rather have barter money or no money?”

At least 3,000 dental professionals — including general dentists, oral surgeons, periodontists, and dental lab owners — barter with their patients, said Alan Zimmelman, spokesman for ITEX, the largest network of barter exchanges in North America.

Bartering for Dental Services

Posted by Nicole Kidder on Dec 15, 2011 in Featured, General Knowledge

 In Basic Training III: For Dental Administrative Personnel, the ADA endorses bartering as an alternative method of payment. The textbook does advise dentists to check with their state trade association. “Dentists provide tangible results, such as cosmetic enhancements and relief of pain,” notes the text. “Barter patients tend to be more flexible, since they are in a business as well.”


Press Release
January 23, 2012

Lincoln Hospital Allows Artists to Barter Talent for Healthcare

Tony and Grammy award winner Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hip Hop Pioneer Roxanne Shante, The Fund for HHC, The Actors’ Fund, The Bronx Council on the Arts Join
HHC President and Lincoln Hospital Executive Director to Officially Launch
Lincoln Art Exchange Program



Maine residents barter for health care

November 16, 2011 5:55 AM

A medical center in Maine is offering a different kind of payment plan in order to make health care more accessible. Erica Hill reports on the center’s barter for health care program.


Artists Barter for Health Care

By: Kathleen J. King (View Profile)
Via http://www.divinecaroline.com/22354/24104-artists-barter-health-care#ixzz1uBNw5fWK

     Today eleven city hospitals have ArtistAccess in place, including Manhattan’s Bellevue Hospital and others, such as Kings County Hospital Center in Brooklyn, are also interested in setting up a program. According to Dr. Fishkin, what these artists are doing for the other patients has real value. Perhaps what they do has more value (than the costs incurred for artists’ health services). It has also given the hospitals great publicity, which in turn makes the doctors feel good about their work.


 And last but not certainly least my favorite:  A dentist’s website showing what forms of payment they take for dental services:


 We Offer Many Payment Options

Ohio Business Owners, Exceptions Barter Exchange offers the solution for uninsured business owners and their employees health.  Contact us today to learn more.


Ohio Dentist, start building your practice through the Exceptions Barter Exchange- the next generations “Payment for services”. It’s all taxable income by the IRS whether it is cash or Exceptions alternative currency; you will be taxed.  Request INFO: Contact@ExceptionsBarterExchange.com

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