10 life enhancing tips for Balance. Got Balance? IF you don’t you better get it. Here’s some info that might help you find your balance.

BALANCE: Isn’t it peculiar how we as humans always strive for that which we do not have?  Having balance is no difference. We may not have it, yet we strive for it.

My whole life I have been surrounded by symbols of balance like Lady Justice here to your left; I was a paralegal for 12 years. Ironic that I am also represented by the scales of balance as I am a Libra (make no mistake- although I take into consideration the science of general characteristics noted of people grouped by the month they were born; I do not believe in horror scopes for no man knows the future).

If you want the ability to balance your life; you are going to have to work for it. PUSH yourself to the limits. And then, wade through the not so importants to the real important things to do today, tomorrow, and forever.

Do you struggle with having balance in your life? Can you see how it affects your day, week, and years?  Are you dividing your time appropriately for the things that really matter to you in life?

Continue reading for more information on balance and how to achieve it using Bandura’s cognitive social learning process model to plan for behavioral changes that will help you reach your destination while creating balance and stress free living…..

As Albert Bandura so elegantly laid it out for us in his Cognitive Social Learning Model in the above diagram; our upbringing, education, and environmental  internal and external  factors all contribute to how we behave. Further stated; it is those impacting actions and thought patterns to which we adhere our external behavior that will allow us to change any given behavior that we have developed as individuals.

    When your desired outcome is to have balance in life; you can take this process and obtain your goal. 

     First let’s look at where you are spending your time so you can see what is keeping you stressed and without balance at ease.  Mr. Zig Zigglar once said in a talk he was giving that based on a study conducted by a group of doctors, a whopping 90% of patients sickness was from stress.

     Those are shocking numbers. The solution to this amount of stress is to reduce the number of things you are doing in life on a daily basis and be more efficient with your time.  When you allow the right amount of time for yourself to do all that needs done; you give yourself a sense of peace and you obtain balance in your life.

In these areas where and how much time are you spending?  Write it down.

In this pie of time, what counts to you most? By providing your own mind with a visual based on your cognitive schemas that you have generated; you will be able to correct this image in your mind to represent the new visual for you to focus yourself towards a balance of activities that will ultimately relieve the stressors that are causing you grief and poor health overall.

In each component of the Bandura model it is necessary to consummate the longing for ultimate balance. The following aspects must be considered imperative to the plan’s successfulness for each individual attempting to gain balance.

     First,  you must realize what type of personality that you have in order for you to assess the situation and determine which manner of learning will work best for you. As outlined in the psycho analysis information obtained in a journal article by Elissa Koff and Connie L Bauman from Wellesley Coll, Department of Psychology, Wellesley, MA; how one perceives their inner and body image will ultimately affect the way the learn and react. You can analyse your personality by using Freud and Erikson combined theories of stage development.

      You will be able to understand the internal reasons as to why you behave in the manner that you and what it will take to change your locus of control (take the test) with inner concepts such as beliefs, morals, values, openness to experiences, agreeableness, extraversion, your sub-conscious, and your consciousness.

     You will be able to see the benefit of physically shaping your external motivation in order to create the new desire of balance.  You will also perceive that there are factors such as: your genetic make-up, heredity, and environmental conditions that you may hae no control over. By evaluating whether or not it is something that you can or cannot change, you will be able to anticipate your own responses to ignite motivation.

     This wish for a healthy life obtained through observational learning will com from a compilation of such techniques as: attaining a role model, self-fulfilling prophecies, formulas for reaction formation, studying your own style of thinking, evaluating your values, defining your intentions, outlining your view of personality, surrounding yourself with higher enrichment, and loving the person that has emerged from these created circumstances.

   Reader STOPs and thinks,, “Now how did you say this all relates to Balance?”  Keep reading, stay with me. When you understand what all the factors and elements are; you will be able to logically strategically create a new behavior in yourself and daily routine for your goal of having balance.  Keep reading…..

     We each have our own way of thinking, learning, and executing our beliefs.  Being stern in our beliefs will shape the rest of your life’s journey for ultimate success in whatever area of improvement is needed.  It denotes the way we live, work, and play.

     That’s why I say, before you run for office to rule over me; I want to know how you were raised. What your family taught you to believe.  Because undoubtedly you are going to make decisions for me based on your belief system. Can I get an Amen y’all?  speaking of Amen, today is National Prayer Day. Please remember our country’s leaders in your prayers that they will have balance in their own lives and strength to guide us best.

Here are 10 life enhancing steps to achieve balance in your life

Behavior Goals:


      Spend more quality time with your family and children to reinforce the importance of togetherness. Self-fulfilling prophecy will create expectations of having a family of your own.

       Take time for yourself each day and schedule time to do activities alone creating a sense of importance.

      Concentrate on doing fewer activities and being more consistent with each of the chosen ones in order to project effective results that are instant gratification for a job well done.


      Change learners Locus of Control from believing that he/she must do everything to having the gumption to say NO. Be reevalutating how you perceive events you will instill the belief that you are not lesser of a person for saying No and you can take charge of circumstances with internal mastery of choices.

     Believe that your conscientiousness will help you decide the importance of events and now that you are more aware you will make better choices by using reaction formation to prioritized activities.

     Help yourself see the value of limiting activities by feeling gratified from the ones you are currently doing. Be here not everywhere else at the moment.

     Try your best to understand that their expectations may be over rated and causing you to stress yourself out because of cognitive schemas.


     Use what ever you need to see to accomplish set task by creating visuals with monthly charts for scheduled events, pie of time per week, month, year. Know where you are spending your time at all times.

     Develop a list of things and events that are considered self enhancing. One suggestion would be to take a two hour time period each week to spend with yourself doing something that you alone like to do.

     To stimulate you  by using a system of motivation that implements a reward system for your completing groups of task toward your pie of time balance.  At least once a month, that’s only 12 times a year, reward yourself with a planned choice for doing all that you do.

I hope these steps will help you achieve your own balance in life on a daily basis. If you enjoyed reading this blog post. Please let us know by leaving a comment. We hope that you will subscribe to the blog and stay tuned for more helping information and resources to improve your life and those around you.

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