April 25th @ECDIOhio in #Columbus # Ohio E. Michelle Lee, Owner Exceptions “PR With A Purpose” Boost your Bottom Line” Series, Make All Your First Impressions count on paper and in person. Part II Getting the resources your company needs to look polished.

On April  25th    

Let ECDI Help You

“Boost Your Bottom Line”

Boost Your Bottom Line: a series of workshops and networking sessions designed to help businesses increase profitability.

The sessions below are free, and will take place at ECDI, 1655 Old Leonard Ave.

Part I: Your Company/Image and Presentation is everything make sure its business professional and full of  business etiquette

Part II: Getting the resources you need to succeed. Here’s how.

 How does your company and YOU look on paper, in emails, online, over the phone, and in meeting presentations?  Let E. Michelle Lee, owner of Exceptions Barter Exchange and PR With A Purpose help you make sure you are a sellable packaged deal from head to toe and store front to customer.

Michelle’s proven methods, show you how to get the tools you need to have a polished look as an individual and business owner. If you don’t have the tools and services for your business; you can’t sell your own product and services to others.

 For more on Michelle’s  business, http://www.ExceptionsBarterExchange.com

Where the Exceptions To The Rules get the tools and resources they need to do business in “Real Time” and “At The Speed of Business” in Ohio and Abroad.

 FREE—— Event Brite Registration.

This seminar is FREE compliments of ECDI.

To get signed up: http://firstimpressionscount.eventbrite.com/

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