Congratulations To Francene Harris, CEO of Cakes & Quiche, LLC for a successful launch at Monaco’s Catering Palace


Mrs. Francene Harris, owner and CEO of Cakes And Quiche, LLC

Your launch was a wonderful success!

Standing above from left to right, George Norris, owner of Monaco’s Catering Palace, Molly, Monaco’s Cert.Event Planner, Francene, Kevin, Head Chef at Monaco’s,  and Patty, Event planner and Marketing Director of Monaco’s toasting to Francene’s Quiche line launch.

     The Quiche line launch was a definite success. As Francene said, “I never imagined I would quadruple my expectations for my launch, Amazing!”

     For some, Friday the 13th is an unlucky avoided day. For Francene, it was a blessing and the start of the next chapter of her life.

    Be sure to place your orders early every week for Francene’s Quiche.

You can send her a message at or give her a call at 614-390-3393 to place your orders for this upcoming Friday, April 20th. For now, she is offering, 1 day a week,  for pickup,  at Monaco’s on Friday’s. Whether you want to treat your office to breakfast, lunch, or your family for dinner; Quiche is always a good choice for the menu.

     I am so proud of Francene and our community. When we support our small business owners; we support our own local economy.

Thank you Francene for hiring Exceptions-” PR With A Purpose” to promote your Quiche line launch. We look forward to many more things to come for you and your business; Cakes And Quiche, LLC.

Congratulations again, I wish you much success in your future!

Francene Harris & E. Michelle Lee, owner of Exceptions-“PR With A Purpose”

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2 responses to “Congratulations To Francene Harris, CEO of Cakes & Quiche, LLC for a successful launch at Monaco’s Catering Palace

  1. Francene Harris

    Thank you so much for supporting me through the launch of my quiche line. Your assistance with marketing and getting the word out about the launch was what helped this to be a successful day. I never realized what this would entail until I started working with you and PR with A Purpose. Your insight and assistance certainly assured it to be less painful than I perceived. The launch of the quiche line has been such a focal point for me and to the success of my business I am in awe right now at the end result. To have quadrupled my expectations is just amazing to me. I know with Exceptions to the Rule, Exceptions Barter Exchange, and PR with A Purpose on my side I will go forward and continue to be a success.

    Thank you for your mentoring and hard work you put forth in ensuring the success of the launch. I look forward to the future growth of my business and providing my customers with quality products that you cannot find in the large chain of businesses. As I move forward in my success I can now see how Giving back to pay forward will as well help others in small business’s to become a success as I now am on the road to becoming.

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