“The benefits of Re-Capping your week” with E. Michelle Lee from Exceptions-PR With A Purpose

Hey Ya’ll this is E. Michelle Lee, Owner of Exceptions-“PR With A Purpose”.

Each week as ya’ll have seen for about a year or so now; I do “Sunday Morning Reflections”. Please enter your email address above on the left hand side .

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      Well, I got to thinking about the process I share with you every Sunday before I head out in the morning. I was thinking it needed some improving. 

If you are not familiar with my Sunday Morning Column. Reflections with me on Sunday is to help you use what you have experienced through the week before to prepare for the week ahead. Gettin it off your plate so you can spend the rest of the day enjoying being, doing, something with yourself, your family, and hopefully the Good Lord.

     The more I gave thought to it; I knew I had to start using Saturday’s to do some re-capping so you don’t forget things from the week. Really, it would be best if you could keep a journal. I know it takes time, but dang it, it’s worth it.  Try it and watch. Harvard University states that 80% of what we write down, comes true. What’s your 20% going to do?  So , let’s write it down.

Bullet point of all this weeks happenings so I can show you how to use them to improve your performance for the next week.

Try this to jot down your recapped week…………….

Bullet Points To Re-Cap your week so you can benefit most from your Sunday Reflections With E. Michelle Lee-

Each week get tips and links to help you prepare for your week ahead. Monday comes all to soon and if you will do a few things to line everything up.. you will be a much more effective presence in your life and in the lives of others.

           What did you do with any one person in particular that was solely for their benefit this week?

      Jot down at least one experience per day from your work,  M-F

     Did any thing go drastically wrong this week?

      What was the highlight of your week?

     Name at least one new person you met this week?

     Name some goal you created this week?

     Did anyone do something special for you? Did you send them a handwritten Thank You card?

So now you get the drift of the type of happenings and things that you should be jotting down in bullet points so you can use of all the things you remember from this past week to help you better organize and prepare for next week. Any questions? Please send them to me at Contact@ExceptionsToTheRules.com

Whether those things be from your professional or personal side; they are important to the process of recapping and reflecting so that you can improve yourself through learning about yourself and those around you each and every week. Do it here with me and learn some valuable insight that will lead you to resources and that will help you get to where you want to be in life.

Join me every SAT for “Re-Capping with E. Michelle Lee” and on SUN mornings for “Reflections” with E. Michelle Lee” Exceptions-“PR With A Purpose”

You can follow me on twitter @ExceptionsBE and on Face Book at PR With A Purpose  

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