When a small business launches, it’s like an angel getting their wings. Today Mrs.Francene Harris get’s her wings to fly, Cakes & Quiche, LLC launches Quiche line in Columbus Ohio

Any time a new business launches we all should clap for joy as a sign the economy is getting better everyday we move forward.

LET THE APPLAUDS  BEGIN: for this day Mrs. Francene Harris, owner of Cakes & Quiche launches her Quiche line at Monaco’s Catering Palace located at Morse/Cleveland Road in Columbus, Ohio.

  I am truly honored to present to you Francene’s Quiche Line. It has been an amazing journey with Francene; I have witnessed the strides she has made as a new small business owner from day one. And it was no piece of cake for her, let me tell you.  Imagine, being thrust into an environment you have never embarked before; how would you respond? Hopefully to the best of your ability and exceed in your own expectations. Like Francene has done!

     Oh, it was a struggle no doubt many times. But Francene came through with flying colors. Sparkle blues, engaging pinks, fluorescent greens, brilliant reds, and so many more colors of the color wheel were a few of the colors atop her cake creations made with fondant;artistic masterpieces beyond the imagination. You have got to see some of her masterpieces. Take a look on her Cakes And Quiche Face Book Page– Click Photos after you have clicked “LIKE this page”.

Continue reading to join in and support this small business owner, now with WINGS, Cakes And Quiche, LLC  here in Columbus Ohio

Head Chef at Monaco's, Kevin and Francene Harris

Congratulations to Mrs. Francene Harris, CEO of Cakes And Quiche, LLC. We wish you all the best and much success with your launch today and for the future of you and your business.

There is no better or prouder moment that one has the opportunity to experience than that of a consultant watching her client reach their goal.   Having the privilege to work with and for Francene has taught me a many a things; watching her this day, the day of her Quiche Launch,  has brought me much joy!

If you would like to experience the taste of Cakes And Quiche, LLC here in Columbus, Ohio (or abroad, we ship product too); contact Francene Harris at CakesAndQuiche@yahoo.com.

Find her on Twitter at @CakesAndQuiche. Definitely LIKE CAkes and Quiche on Face Book. And always feel free to stop by her website to take a look and order your Cakes & Quiche by Francene Harris, CEO and president.


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