Today LIVE Performance at 12pm EST The Lady Soultress Show with special guest A. J. Casey & Company Celebrating the last day of March Women’s History Month with Make Ya Wanna STOMP get the details here

Tune in today and every Saturday  at 12PM EST on to hear The Lady Soultress Show.

Today’s show is jammed packed with loads of fun, music, and LIVE entertainment of the STOMP lady, A. J. Casey and Company. Don’t miss your chance to talk to our guest and show her some love for what she is bringing to you. Feel free to call in at any time to get your place in cue……

Join the online radio conversation this Saturday to talk to AJ Casey and Company, Lady Soultress, and E. Michelle Lee:
Call 1.877.932.9766 or just listen in at

Click the big arrow that says, “click here to listen live” at the top right hand corner of your screen.

Keep your ears to the speaker, lots of big announcements for you today. Artist, help is on the way to get you the tools, materials, and stuff you need to be a professional polished artist who is taking their career seriously.  Listeners you never know who your going to meet on the Lady Soultress Show, tune in each and every Saturday at 12PM EST; the Lady Soultress has so much in store for you.

Follow the show on twitter and facebook to get up to date information about our guest, the resources we offer to business professionals, Especially ARTIST who are serious about their craft/talent and pursuing the life’s journey along side of their work.

@LadySoultress @ExceptionsBE and on Face Book at The Soultress Show and PR With A Purpose

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