I can’t work with you because you’re driving me nuts. How to work in harmony with the creative types; especially if you are one too.

     We all have to work with various types of people. And most times our challenges comes when we work with “the Creative” types of people. Funny thing is, you, yourself, are probably one of the same if you are finding it difficult to work with one of them. 🙂 

     Folks, I recommend always  to find the funny in any given situation, or you too will go beyond the nuts cycle into the zone of no return regret. It is better to share laughter than strife.  But, what do you do to refrain from churning in response that in the end accomplishes nothing because no matter how hard you try to work with that person; it just doesn’t work? 

     You make an attempt to understand them and then make a choice to work with them or not. However, if you have no choice because you work for Joe blow-  don’t feel stuck.  You my friend have no choice but to learn more about that personality and what triggers their bad or good behavior. So that you know how to deal when it happens and more importantly learn their triggers so you don’t have to face that as often as it could be.

    That is the key to working through any given scenario. Make a choice to educate your self about it. Be willing to spend some extra time researching the bullet points so you can work in harmony not just in the office, but your life and in this melting pot we have as a World. You are then and only then a winner within.

Remember, you will never single handily change anyone. First try changing yourself where improvement is needed to help foster best relationships that work together not against one another for the greater good.

HOWEVER, if you find yourself like I did this morning with dread that makes you want to retreat to avoid.  It’s time for you to decide to either remove yourself from the situation or let it act as your buffer?  Once you have made the decision, like I did a long time ago. Stick with the plan stan! Your commitment to love that person above the daily confrontation, until you learn how to make it a pleasant experience every time you meet; comes from a deep place down inside that must be genuinely full of love and hope and a whole lotta faith.

Keep reading to see how to best deal with the buffers in your life. Maybe they are there to make you better at being the best you that you can be?

Albert Einstein was definitely a  “Creative Type”. This genius only changed the way we look at the world. ONLY?  Teachers, called him stupid, nay Sayers tried to derail him, supporters of his work were rare, and many just got frustrated with him for being him.  Yet because of him, the world became a better place.Can you image how difficult for many reasons that it must have been though, for the people who had to work with and around such a man as Sir. Einstein?

     Yes, it is difficult to work with some people. But if you first would take the time as a loving and caring kind human being who can still see the genius in each human being walking this journey with us. “The boot camp we call life”. You, will have more opportunities to have the privileged to meet some of the most talented and gifted people in your lifetime.

     There are spectacular people out there who are going unnoticed because people are no longer to put up with stuff they normally would have endured because of their love and support for others. NOT these days though. Folks just figure, walk on.  That is not always the recommended way. Or is it?

           I choose to learn from every aspect of life that I have the honor of encountering.  And for me, that includes working with people who challenge my skills, and make me better for doing it. I am definitely, by no means, a push over, nor can I afford to be one in todays business environment.

But, I  do choose, to allow, for more to strain me than most of  what others would do; only because I chose to help even when help is not always requested or welcomed.

It is my  life’s goal to try and help people see they are Exceptions, howbeit for me if I were to give up so easily on find a way to make it work. That’s not my nature nor is it my way of mentoring others by walking away the 1st,2nd, or 3rd time of something not meshing. There are those times when it does not work and you must be prudent in your affairs. Yet, it is always my hope that those times are fewer than the ones I would rather create. 

              Let it be in harmony even when the box doesn’t look the same but it still cleans up good. Do your best to try to understand others. Be willing to go the extra mile and learn through reading, listening, and other educational materials whether found on the internet or in a book. Both are necessary for continuous learning that we all need to do to make this a better place to live, work, and play.

Be An Exception To The Rule- “You have EVERYTHING you need inside of you, to succeed, just dig a little deeper (2012- E. Michelle Lee)

Try your best to Always BE:

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