This week on “The Lady Soultress Show” Special Guest, BIG Announcements- and Resources for #LOCALArtist

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We have got a hum dinger of a show for ya’ll coming this week. We have a SPECIAL Guest coming to make you “STOMP” and music and more.

Be sure to tune in every Saturday at 12PM EST to listen to “The Lady Soultress Show” LIVE .  This week coming up:

    Lady Soultress and E. Michelle Lee has a bunch of fun and resources for the #localartist and listeners to take advantage of to help them become labeled “Professional Artist” serious about their “Body Of Work” and building their portfolio with the resources they can hear about ONLY on The Lady Soultress Show.

     Lady Soultress wants to make sure ALL artist has equal access and availability to the tools, services, products, and vendors every artist needs. To help artist get the stuff that helps them perform the way they need to and to help them be polished; Lady Soultress has rolled up her sleeves and is now offering contacts, coaching and more to help #localartist here in Columbus, Ohio and abroad.

     Lady Soultress has teamed up with E. Michelle Lee and PR With A Purpose to connect resources for Artist here locally and abroad.


Each week E. Michelle Lee, owner of Exceptions-PR With A Purpose; will present an available, researched, recommended, RESOURCE for listeners of the show. These may be services you can arrange to use with outside vendors, opportunities to promote your talent, medical care, get press kits, learn how to run your business, hear about events that you can apply to, and just about anything under the sun that you may need for making you a better you for you and your business, and most of all, for all those whom you love and who love you.  Getting the Resources you need to succeed will be easier now that Lady Soultress has got your back. She’s lookin out for you and this segment is being sponsored by her for you, the #LocalArtist and Listeners .

Need a resource? If you are an Artist leave your request on The Soultress Show FB  Page (CLICK that LIKE button please)  or just send a message to, We will work on your request.

Be sure to tune in every Saturday at 12PM EST to listen to “The Lady Soultress Show” LIVE .

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