“People don’t pay me because they don’t value my time. Because they can’t see my cake” – A contractor/consultant doesn’t sit on a shelf

Se the  Bakers design of their cake to the left. Easy to see what you get for your purchase, huh.What you pay for is easy for you to see in your cake that can sit on your shelf.

In the line of work and finished product for a contracted consultant ; the product your pay for isn’t easily explained or understood, when it comes to the product on the shelf and paying the price on the tag.

Consultants from all areas of industry experience this same kind of pain and challenges to getting paid for their valuable time and knowledge. When it comes to selling their services and actually getting paid for the time they spent performing the work that had to be done for a client. It’s like consultants have all of sudden have been deemed ditzy and are not worth their hourly wage.  

  If you want to get  the action you wanted done and with the kind of results you expected to see once everything is completed from a consultant; then pay them the proper price for their work, know-how, and strategic contacts. It’s their business to know the when what where how and why, when you don’t or don’t have to time to learn to do it yourself.  That’s the overview depiction of what a consultant is. We are not just a coach. We actually do the stuff for you. We possess a wide range and base of knowledge because it is our business to have such knowledge and experience to sell to you the business owner.

Consultants, if we understand why they can’t see our “CAKE” on a shelf; we can help inform them so they can see the value of what a contracted consultant does and how much work is involved to do each task on their behalf. Our time is billable each task is an ingredient to your expected success.

    Consultants are built from ingredients just like a cake. We have a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and whole bunch of this to make your business run smoothly, keep you up to date on hot trends, perform operational task when you don’t have time because you need to be busy doing your business.

The next time you ask someone who you know is in the business of being a consultant to do one of these things listed on the next page of this blog. Ask yourself this first: “Am I asking them for another bite of their cake for free?”

Consultants and consumers alike, continue reading to learn how to value a contracted consultant and see more detailed services that a consult performs and should be paid for……

It would be so much easier if we could have a package with instructions attached to ourselves and placed on a store shelf for purchase; maybe we could get our message out their in a clearer picture.

But we can’t sit on a shelf. We can however, change the perception by using our expertise to create a vivid depiction of our services as a contracted consultant so people can understand and value what we do on a hourly basis.

     A consultant should be paid anytime you pick up the phone or shoot an email asking a question in general. When you ask a consultant to give you an answer and they don’t have one. Well, that means they have to get back to you with follow up and before they can do that. They have work to do.

     From researching to phone calls, to searching old databases, and more. Consultants have to put in time to bake your cake by first finding the specific ingredients that will bring the solution to your problem. That’s what we do, we solve problems by creating solutions. We recommend methods, we show you how to perform the process the next time so you don’t always need us around to complete your task. We handle accounts for you. We negotiate for you. We do menial task that irritate you and are second nature for us.

     Below you will find a list of task that a consultants should be paid for and some links to extensive list. The best way to know what you are paying  a consultant for when you hire them is to look up a job description of a consultant in your industry. Then you will have some detail to work with and know what to expect. It will also help you determine the outcomes of your project. You will have the knowledge to know if your consultant is doing their job.

Ingredients of a Consultant:

Telephone questions, email responses to questions, researched introductions, drafting letters, content suggestion, project managing,  web site review, business model review and respond, strategy created, campaigns for business attraction, sharing studied market trends, sharing resources, attending meetings with you, researching and suggesting community involvement based on your values and products and service offerings, researching and brainstorming with you to come up with new ideas or expand on current ones, extensive knowledge base from researching previous subject matters, following a particular company who is your competition, providing you with updates and progress reports, performing transactions on your behalf such as: telephone calls, letters, completing forms for you, contacting sponsors for you, gaining media attention for you, etc……..


Business consultant Job Profile and Description 1




Business consultants are experts on various business practices and monitor a company by making suggestions on how the company can become more productive and profitable. They usually deal with specific departments within an organization like management, marketing or advertising.


Duties and Responsibilities


  • The primary responsibility of a business consultant is to analyze, plan, implement and evaluate projects
  • works with clients to discuss and reach project targets and meet expectations
  • discusses strategies with teammates and leaders to deliver the best solutions for the projects
  • has to follow market trends to develop a brand and also to make improvements in existing products and services
  • must network with clients to build relations and sustain them
  • prepare and present business proposals and presentations
  • needs to carry out extensive research on business and market trends and incorporate those results in the strategy for the company
  • Data collection on different aspects of the industry is also part of the job which helps him to advise a client and maximize the business performance of the client


Skills and Specifications


  • Business consultants must have good analytical, deduction and problem-solving skills
  • They must have good communication skills, both written and verbal
  • They must be confident and outgoing and be adaptable to change
  • They must be versatile and deal with clients from various walks of life
  • They need to know about the basics of computers and follow the latest technology
  • Long hours are quite common in this field, and hence they business consultants must be able to deal with stress and work under pressure
  •  also needs to have good presentation skills

Business consultant Job Profile and Description 2

Small business consultant job profile and description


 Small business consultants are the consultants who offer a varied range of services to small businesses like hiring staff and accounting. Small businesses usually do not have a number of departments dealing with different business aspects. Therefore, they employ the services of consultant firms.

Small business consultant duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a small business consultant are:

  • Understanding the requirements of the business and providing relevant services
  • Study the working and operations of the company and suggest plans
  • Serving the required purposes of a small business like accounting or human resources
  • Recommending steps for further growth of the company
  • Taking stock of all the resources of the small business and analyze the scope for development
  • Help the business be organized and efficient
  • Work with the business owners and prepare strategies for the growth and development of the business
  • Documenting all stages of development of the company for future reference and retrospection
  • Upgrade the equipment, like computers, of the business

Small business consultant skills and specifications

The skills and specifications of a small business consultant are:

  • Good knowledge in accounting and finance
  • Good knowledge in sales and marketing
  • Good management skills in general and human resource management in particular
  • A sound knowledge in computer applications
  • Excellent communication skills and customer service ethics
  • Good administration and leadership qualities

Small business consultant qualification

The education and qualification of a small business consultant are:

  • On the job learning is a big part of a small business consultant’s education
  • Upgrading skills through certification courses and attending conferences

Small business consultants salary

The median salary of a small business consultant is $75,000 per year.

These were excerpted from the link at the top of this section. Please pay homage to the person who created the information by clicking on their link to read and comment.

If you want to know more about the specifics of what I do as a contracted consultant with Exceptions PR With A Purpose and Exceptions- Business Consulting feel free to contact me; I am for hire and do perform all of the above task as well as many more. What do you need done? Let me help you succeed and get the tools and resources you need. Hire Me as your contracted consultant!

send email to Contact@ExceptionsToTheRules.com or call 614-306-3794.

“MY Cake” doesn’t sit on a shelf; “My CAKE” is out there working for you!

E. Michelle Lee, Owner of Exceptions: PR With A Purpose, Business Consultant, Exceptions Barter Exchange, and motivational Speaker. When you need the work done or project launched; call me I can do it for you; I am a Business Contracted Consultant an An Exception To The Rules!




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