Exceptions Barter Exchange New Member, Francene Harris, owner of Cakes And Quiche, LLC, hits the ground running to create a new revenue stream for her company while providing the community with awesome tasting custom made cakes and quiches

Francene Harris, Owner of Cakes & Quiche, LLC

A licensed woman owned business and new member of the Exceptions Barter Exchange, located in Westerville, Ohio providing customized cakes and tasty Quiche for all of your occasions.

     Since Francene started her business a little over a year ago from the comforts of her own home; she’s been hitting the ground running towards her goal of being a self-sustaining new start-up.  And boy ol boy is she maximizing her success while treading new ground everyday doing just what she loves and is talented enough to do;  “it’s my joy to make custom cakes and Quiche”, she says.

     What started out as a hobby and time passer (a.k.a. good therapy) soon turned into a full-fledged opportunity and inspiration from a woman who has overcome multiple challenges to get to where she is today. The start of a new and most rewarding journey of a lifetime. The day in the life of a Ohio based, woman owned, business.  Amazing at what she has done in just a short amount of time! She truly is an inspiration to many small business owners in today’s world.

     See for yourself some of the wonderful creations by Francene, ALL Edible designed by the artist herself- Mrs. Francene Harris, Cake decorator and Artist

From cupcake rose bouquet’s to customized bust and wedding cakes; Francene can build it if you can describe it. And the amazing thing is everything you see is edible!

This Cakes and Quiche diva surely knows that being a business woman and cake artist is her true calling. Keep reading to hear how Francene has taken her “hobby” to an all new and unexpected level of inspiration and success baking Cakes & Quiche, teaching fun party cookie classes for kids, and more………

      And we all say Awwwwwwwwwww, how precious is that. A baby cake topper suited for those special memorable times that we want to hold on to forever. While tasty as it is; who could eat such a beautiful creation?  But you can if you want to because everything that goes on the cakes made by baker, Francene Harris, is yummy for the tummy.

Not only is her designs tasty; they are snazzy to the eye as well. When you want to impress your guest; you will want to order all your cakes from this creator of the best looking designs you’ve seen.   Check out this cake done for one of her clients who hosted an Oscar party.  WOW

Cakes is not the only thing that Francene makes master pieces; she also does awesome Quiche. Name that Quiche and she can conjure up a recipe that makes ya wanna smack ya mamma. (Please refrain from smacking ya mamma, not advised to try this at home for mamma will definitely smack ya back). You get the point though, it’s that dang gooooooood. I know, I got to be a taste tester a couple of times.  Hmmmm, is that an invitation to taste testing? I believe I hear Francene calling me now to come over for lunch!

This Mexican Quiche is one of my fav’s.  Or is it this one, a seafood Quiche? Hmm can’t decide both so good.

Just down right good cooking. That’s what it is. And guess what. Cakes & Quiche, LLC will soon be offering them to the public at a local catering and facility near you. Yep, that’s right!  You will be able to order Quiche from a wide selection of choices off Francene’s menu.

     E. Michelle Lee, owner of Exceptions Barter Exchange, an Ohio Trade Exchange and supporter of small business needs has teamed Cakes & Quiche LLC up with a well-known Catering Company (TBA) to offer Francene’s Quiche. Hot and Fresh from their kitchen to your plate!  Stay tuned for more details coming soon!  Start placing your orders today for the Cakes & Quiche April launch.

And that’ s not all, LOL– Francene also offers her expertise and services to fun baking parties for kids and adults. Imagine having someone else entertain your kids at their birthday party! Told you this woman business owner was treading her way to financial freedom by doing what she loves to do; bake for you!

For more of Cakes & Quiche decorated creations and QUICHE you can visit her on the web at:


LIKE her on FaceBook at: Cakes and Quiche

and follow her on Twitter at: @CakesAndQuiche

Come back soon for the reveal of the newest member of the Exceptions Barter Exchange who will be hosting Francene’s Cakes & Quiche in their kitchen.

Start placing your orders now for the Quiche April Launch.

Order your cakes in plenty of time for your next event. Perfection does take time you know; especially when it’s all edible and a piece of art!

You can purchase items from Cakes & Quiche either on or off the Exceptions Barter Exchange.

11 responses to “Exceptions Barter Exchange New Member, Francene Harris, owner of Cakes And Quiche, LLC, hits the ground running to create a new revenue stream for her company while providing the community with awesome tasting custom made cakes and quiches

  1. Francene Harris

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I look forward to building my ever growing business with the new catering company member , including offering my services through the Exceptions Barter Exchange. It has been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to increasing business interactions through “PR With A Purpose” and “Exceptions Barter Exchange”. The opportunity presented to me through “PR With A Purpose” and “Exceptions Barter Exchange” will finally help me to realize my goal of providing a quality quiche with fresh ingrediants as well as the quantity that could feed up to a family of 6-8. Here is to a brighter business future for all involved.
    My very best regards to you,

    Francene Harris
    Cakes & Quiche, LLC


    Follow us on Facebook:
    http://www.facebook.com/cakes andquiche

    Follow us on Twitter:

    Connect with us on LinkdIn
    Cakes and Quiche

  2. I love this company! Francene goes over and beyond in product and presentation. I have ordered many times from Cakes and Quiche LLC, in the last few years, and never have had a negative experience. The prices are fair, the products incredible, and almost too beautiful to eat! We ate them and they are delicious! Francene is amazing; I have ordered numerous cookies for deployed soldiers and meetings, when I just didn’t have the time to bake. I hosted a baby shower last year. Cakes and Quiche LLC, cookies and table decorations were a huge hit! The guests actually fought over the fondant baby booties and extra cookies to take with them.
    Francene will walk you through all steps and creation of your order (when you just are not sure how much or what you want to serve), and excels at coming up with and producing creative food items to match your theme. Dietary concerns or food allergy alternative ingredients do not present an issue for her. She can make something for you! Call on Cakes and Quiche LLC for your next office pot luck, cookie order, or any other special occasion and see for yourself! Check out her products online, and be amazed at her talent.

  3. Francene Harris

    This is a comment posted to my Facebook page from 2 female soldiers that are deployed overseas. Unfortunately due to the Government restriction on websites accessed overseas they could not post deirectly to the blog. Please read their kind words here and review them by joining my Facebook page.

    Thank you,
    Francene Harris
    Cakes & Quiche, LLC

    Cindya Carrozza via Andrea Mertes

    ‎Francene Harris made my going away cake this past September and I have to say that it was delicious!!! And gorgeous, from the combat boots shoe laces to the tiny little lipstick at the end of my rifle. this woma’s work of art is exeptional!!! I highly recommend that if you have any type of celebrations to contact her. You will not be dissapointed!

  4. Thanks Gina for sharing with us. What are some of Francene’s creations that you like most?

  5. In reponse to Michelle’s question, what are my favorite creations from Cakes and Quiche, I must say that I am partial to the varity of sugar cookies she has produced for the baby shower. She has a wonderful selection of cookie cutters , I asked for baby prams, rocking horse, and baby footprint. She coordinated the icing colors to match the theme colors perfectly. I have had some of her cakes, that are out of this world! There are so many wonderful creations that I have had the pleasure of eating, I could fill a whole blog! The fondant baby booties looked like what you would buy in the stores- soft sole boot style baby shoes. They were color coordinated, and laced and trimmed with more colored fondant. If I could, I would post my pictures of the products on here to prove they are the best !

  6. Gina, send the pics to Cakes & Quiche on FB,,

  7. I have found Cakes & Quiche edibles to be scrumptious and so beautiful. My favorite quiche is the southwestern, but I so love the cake balls that I could eat an entire box of them. Keep up the cookin’ Francene!

  8. Francene has a way of making a cake for a special occasion just how you had it in your mind. She has provided cakes for me a few times. She made one for a girls night out, it was a great success. We all had a good laugh and ate the cake, it was awsome. Cakes & Quiche is privately owned and she takes pride in her presentation and flavor of each cake. Get your orders in for Easter while you still can.

  9. Carlita Walker

    Francene provided our Christmas Party for Buffalo Wild Wing with delicious cookies that my staff really enjoyed. I have recommended her expertise to friends. Thanks Francene for providing us with such a great product.

  10. Francene creates very beautiful cakes, I just love her designs. Her cakes are so beautifully made, it is almost a shame to eat them!

  11. Thankfulness to my father who stated to me about this webpage, this weblog is really awesome.

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