The Soultress Show joins Exceptions Barter Exchange to team up with E. Michelle LEE’s PR With A Purpose to provide #ColumbusOhio and Nationwide “LOCALArtist” Resources and More

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                                                           E. Michelle Lee, Owner, PR With A Purpose


          Priscilla Woodson, Local Recording Artist, a.k.a., Lady Soultress, host of the Soultress Show, an internet based, top listener rated online radio station on radio with full LIVE Studio in down town Columbus, Ohio; has joined the Exceptions Barter Exchange.  Priscilla is an accomplished performer and composer of gospel jazz music.  A veteran of the music industry, Woodson has collaborated with numerous jazz and gospel artists as well as nationally renowned entertainment industry professionals.

Lady Soultress has made her mission clear to support the #LocalArtist of #ColumbusOhio and abroad.

She’s taking Artist Mentoring to a whole new level to help provide connections to Resources for Professional Artist.

For #LocalArtist who are RRRRRRRRRRealy serious about their career and “Body of Work” (listen to the show every Saturday at 12pm EST for definition and composition ongoing series creating your Body of Work). 

       You won’t want to miss one airing of the Soultress Show. This show is designed to reach and spread the word for artist of all kinds and talents who are involved daily, weekly, yearly in their career as an artist.  That’s why our new model is, PLEASE “only the serious Artist should apply” for Free Air Time on the Soultress Show. Because we care about you taking your artistry to the highest standard to offer it to the community here in Central Ohio and abroad. When your heard on our station, you are heard locally and across the world. We want you to be at your best. Remember, this goes on your resume, “Your Body of Work” 

     Keep Reading and learn more about how Lady Soultress will use the Exceptions Barter Exchange to help Artist get the tools and resources they need to help polish their craft. It’s all in the makings, one step at a time, one more piece to add to your life’s record of your artistry as a professional Artist with a packaged Body of Work.


Lady Soultress has been mentoring artist for a long time. She herself is one. That’s why she so passionately pursues this mission to help make today’s artist what they want to be known for in their lifetime.  Imagine, a whole show dedicating to showcasing YOU for your career. And somebody else is providing you with that opportunity at no charge. So you can be your best and get recognized for it as a “LOCALArtist. This is how you become national. This is where you get your start to become International.

Get  featured on the Soultress Show, Showcase your artistry. Get serious about your career and your industry. Apply today for consideration of being a guest on the Soultress Show. Send your email to

      Artist, you need professional materials and services to be your best. This partnership with Exceptions Barter Exchange and Lady Soultress will help you get the things you need to be a polished professional looking Artist of your kind.  Sign up for this blog and/or send an email to to get Artist Updates on Resources available for your business. 

     You can also send a request for specific items you need. Like Press Kits, Photo Shoots, Attorney Services, Lady Soultress Coaching Sessions, Priscilla Woodson and TP Project CD’s and Materials, PR With a Purpose services, printers, accountants, business cards, website design; whatever you need to operate as a professional artist we want to help you get it.

Request your package today from the Lady Soultress to feature you as an artist on her show. There’s a few things that we have to get set up prior to your coming on the show. So you will want to get scheduled about 2 -3 weeks in advance to optimize your exposure online, in print, and possiblly video.


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The Soultress Show

And as Lady Soutress Always say’s,

        “So remember, no matter if you’re in C-Town (Columbus, OH), The ATL, MIA, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City or Shy Town, The Soultress Show is here for you. Click on to Talktainment radio web site to listen to previously-aired shows. For podcast viewing on the web site, click on “programs;” “soultress show” and scroll to click on “achieve.” All podcast listening options are FREE to download.

One response to “The Soultress Show joins Exceptions Barter Exchange to team up with E. Michelle LEE’s PR With A Purpose to provide #ColumbusOhio and Nationwide “LOCALArtist” Resources and More

  1. The Soultress Show is PROUD of it’s NEW partnership with Exceptions Barter Exchange Services and PR With A Purpose. With Media and Resources linked together our worlds are about to explode and your artistry and or business is about to BOOM! As a result expect NEW topical discussion full of great content, new segment “Resource Alert” with PR With A Purpose’s, E. Michelle Lee and more. Last but not least LEARN about the many resources you will have access to!

    Lady Soultress
    Host of The Soultress Show

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