Attention Northland Business Community: Exception’s BE is here to help revive your economy. It’s only as strong as you say it is.

Exceptions Barter Exchange is here to help revive the Northland Community Business Owners who need:

Access to Capital

New Customers

Resources & Support

     You said you need help to maintain and grow your business in this challenging economic market. We heard you. You said you need access to capital to grow and maintain your business operations. We heard you. You said you need new customers. We heard you. You said you need resources and support. We heard you and now we are here, ready to help you Keep it Strong-Keep it Local.

     So now what are you going to do with the help we have to offer local businesses? Hopefully use it to get the tools, services, products, sales, customers, and all else you need to operate and grow your business. Whether you are a start-up business entrepreneur or a long-standing business in the Northland Community of Columbus, Ohio; the Exception’s BE is here to help you get access to the capital and resources you need.

      Here’s how we can help you get access to capital and resources to start, maintain, and grow your business in the Northland Community.      We stand together as small business owners promoting, buying, and selling each of our services to each other at full retail value in order to obtain the services, products we need to operate and grow our businesses.

So how does that work to get you the capital you need?  Here’s how:

     Let’s say you are a catering company who owns a large facility with all the fixings; company A. You have a banquet hall and  kitchen that is not fully being utilized to its capacity.  You realize that each day that hall and kitchen is empty, you are loosing money.  So your goal becomes to keep that place busy by generating new revenue with new ideas and customers.   Company B is expanding her company that provides cakes and specialty food items. But she does not have the licensed  kitchen to cook it in and therefore growth is hindered because of not having the capital, tools, and resources needed for expansion of her specialty items.

Solution: Company A rents the kitchen space to Company B. Sound simple?

     But wait, cash/ capital is limited to get started. Banks are not lending “working capital to expand this segment of Company B’s business  Now what?

     Company B, a member of the Exceptions Barter Exchange rents the space through the exchange from member, Company A.  So how does that benefit both parties involved? You say, it’s not cash I need cash. Here’s how the benefit emerges for both to lead to profit.

      Company A accepts Exceptions Barter Dollars from Company B for rent of the under utilized commercial kitchen. Company B then begins her expansion and soon thereafter begins to gain cash paying customers from the sale of her new specialty items. Now Company B has more revenue and is able to pay cash to Company A.  Company A then turns around and uses their barter dollars to purchase something they need for their business through the exchange and saves their cashflow for things that barter can’t buy.  So how does this boost the economy overall.

     When companies utilize what they have to get what they need they keep growing cash stronger.  Since cash is not readily  available in the amounts of proportion that we need in comparison to market trends of spending; this alternative currency affords business owners to manage their cash flow and utilize what’s already on the shelf so to speak. And that my friend creates a booming, thriving economy of growth.

     Northland community can revive its economy by utilizes all that the business owners have to offer to create a new line of revenue through resource and capital access. Who says that it has to be traditionally structured under the cash umbrella?  Think out of the box. Learn how to use this method of currency to fund your business with the buying power you need to gain new customers, renovate your buildings, cover your overheads, and more. Become a member today of the Northland group of business owners supporting each other for growth and expansion.

Simple questions to ask yourself:

       1)Do you spend money on HVAC services, Advertising, Window Cleaning, CPA’s, Attorney’s, printing, carpet cleaning, medical services, dental services, and more in your daily operations of your business?  Of course you do.

     2) Are you operating to your business’s full capacity right now. I mean do you have all the customers and sales you need to cover those cost on a monthly basis? Probably not

     3) What are you spending your cash on in your business?

Answer: Use the Exceptions Barter Exchange to increase your customers, utilize your space, and most importantly strengthen your cashflow position.

Send an email to to learn more how you can gain the access to capital that you need to grow and expand your business. We offer lines of credit to our members to increase your buying power and help you get the stuff you need for your business.



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