Sunday Morning Reflections With E. Michelle Lee, “Slow down before you miss everything”

Hey Ya’ll; good Sunday Morning to ya. As you can see I always have my cup of coffee  in my hand.  Interesting, it’s that mornin time when things are peaceful, birds may quietly begin to chirp a bit (you hope), the breeze of the morning air is fresh and smells so good and crisp.And I’m up enjoying my time with me before anybody else has the chance to spoil it. That would be around 4:30-5:00 am for me. Now that may be a bit too much for you. For me, it’s the best part of the day when I am refreshed and raring to go.

    Now don’t let this next thing I am about to say shock you. Although it might when you begin to think of “how strange for this motivational speaker” to tell me to do that as a solution to revving me up as she is supposed to do. Well, you can’t see it yet, I would explain. But at the end of the week I could show you how you will see Slowing Down as a way in which you can build up for the week to come.

     Well, if you keep reading you will see the biggest secret to preparing and energizing yourself week after week after week of endurance and accomplishments is to truly be ready to soar within your grasp everyday…




We only take the time these day to Tag things. Is that all the beautiful minds of people can handle in bullet points?  Definitely not!  The potential in people is dying off to some degree because they themselves are putting glass ceilings all around their dreams and visions of a better standard of excellence for themselves for living and thriving in this society’s period of time.

     They are missing out on the times that make time “slow down”. Without these kind of times; we can not be our best and process all there is to process with a peace of mind. Peace of Mind, that which we most definitely need during challenging times, in order to handle the task, we have to do, to reach a solution for better ways.


      I am a firm believer that each of us must slow down and replenish our minds, bodies, and souls in order to be the best possible person we can to others.  Especially for those that we love and whom depend on us to be able to be there when they need us.  So, the point is: “It’s your job and duty to you, to take care of you, so that you can take care of everyone else that depends on you, to be at your level best and in good health, good cheer, and most of all filled with love and perseverance as well as joy.

      First thing you need to do is schedule your last day of the week, Sunday when most aren’t working to be with YOU, your family, friends, and the greatest friend of ALL.  Truly this rest is imperative to your very being. IF you don’t take care of you; there are severe consequences to all areas of your life when you can’t keep up with anything because you have gone astray.  When you give yourself time to relax, reflect, and project; you allow yourself to be stronger, wiser, and focused.  When you don’t take the time to replenish you’re worn and torn and not ready to do anything. Let’s see one of ya’ll run your car on the same tank of gas for month. Same thing, put the gas in. Enough for Pedal to the Metal. Get going by taking a break in between. That means every week. One day to tidy up.

Makes sense to use Sunday as a day of rest. The Good Lord found it good enough for him. So, then it’s good enough for me. 

Share time with God, Family, Friends, individually, collectively, and most of all independently. It will help you to be the best you, YOU can do YOU best when you care for all the rest.

     Time to get ready, Monday comes soon. It will be back to the busy schedule you have already made. Be Prepared inside and out and rest one day.

If you want to stay sharp as a tact than you better prepare to do so if you want to more than overcome.  Do it with sparkle.

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Luv Chelle

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