I just don’t get how you see it that way; it’s not free and your not giving it away. You are gaining more than you can imagine.

Truly I do not see how people cannot see that utilizing this method of payment and buying power for growth is free?

It is not free!  You are not giving away anything, and you will be taxed on what income you earn.

     So how can you see it as free and a waste of time instead of seeing it as it is meant to be seen as a way in which you can increase your customer base, decrease your cash expenses, and grow your business by having more buying power?

Business owners across the land and seas have used this here method more recently than ever before because of the economy and their desire to continue business beyond usual.  If you have plenty of cash to spare, so be it. Happy for you. Tell us when, where, and how you’re getting a healthy supply of it and you need no more? 

    But when you’re in the same boat as the rest of American Business Owners are; then you need to think out of the box like GM, Matel, HP, WallStreet Journal, and hundreds of thousands of other business that have and continue to use this method and are booming because of it. Use what you can to thrive and grow before you become a statistic and end up extinct or stale. Learn more how you can increase your buying power and position as a business with today’s market trend. If your serious about your business then get serious about funding it. Continue ReadingSmart Business Owners are no longer relying upon banks to lend them money to grow their business or expand their operational store fronts. They are seeking out other ways to fund the daily operations and expansions as they  gain more customers. Why not do both, have it all, right now?

     They have renovated their offices, bought new equipment, been approved for lines of credit (LOC),  provided health care for their employees and themselves, taken vacations they would have not otherwise been able to take, purchased new marketing materials, had their websites updated, covered the cost of their vendors, hired new vendors to do their carpets, HVAC, and more. The potential is unlimited to business owners who can grasp the concept of using a formal barter exchange.

     Are you spending cash on any of the items listed above?   What are the items you are spending your limited cash flow on?  As long as it’s not AEP or Gas; Exceptions Barter Exchange can get it for you.  Save your cash for things barter can’t fund. For everything else, use what you got to get what you need so you can do business at a “Real” time and with speed!   Check out this worksheet of business operations expenditures. Make your list. You could be saving.

Exceptions Barter purchase worksheet- How much are you spending Cash in these areas  Click here to open the pdf worksheet.

     Look, the rocket science of the matter is: If you have services and products to sell to new customers then you have the potential earning power to purchase your services and products that you need while you gain new customers. It’s an expensive advertising mechanism for you to get the word out there about your business. It’s cheaper than a brochure for your business. So how can you go wrong?  You can’t. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

     Ever heard the expression, “Don’t knock it, till you try it”? Well, ? Then don’t knock it until you try it. Don’t say it won’t work for you until you have the facts. It’s not a one on one barter in the traditional sense. It is an Alternative Currency. Works just like cash and the IRS says so too.  That’s why the Exceptions Barter Exchange uses a powerful online system of record keeping that generates a 1099B to file with your taxes as required by law.

     If you want more business and the tools of the trade you use for your industry; then call upon me, your trade broker, to find the stuff you need through the Exceptions Barter Exchange. So you can save your cash and keep your business thriving.




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