Exceptions Barter Exchange Plans to offer Health Care for Business Owners who have none- Local Dr.s welcomed to apply

Health Care is a hot topic for most individuals across America right now. Even more so, for small business owners who can’t afford to maintain it for themselves and their employees.

Exceptions Barter Exchange offers an affordable solution for business owners who need access to health care.

Attention medical doctors, dentist, and health care providers; Exceptions Barter Exchange is open to you to help lower the cost of your practice operations, increase your patient base, and help you take care of people who need health care but don’t have it.

With the ever-changing cost of doing business, lack of health care insurance, and Accessible health care for all; Exceptions Barter Exchange offers an innovative and proven way to provide business owners and employees an option for health care.

   Business owners, if you need health care but don’t have the cash flow to cover it; continue reading for the solution that may save your life and will definitely save your cash when you need health care for you and/or your employees……I am nearly certain that those reading this post at some time or another have been faced with; how much cash do I have to spend on healthcare knowing I don’t have insurance and one visit can break the bank.  Undoubtedly you have made life changing decisions for your health based on your cash flow or the lack thereof. Am I right? I bet I am. We all have in this crazy economical roller coaster.

Well, let’s assume you have made decisions for your health based on the lack of health insurance. It’s time for that to stop. Because if you are not in good health and are not  taking care of yourself; your body, your machine, cannot run on air nor can it run by itself.  In order to run your business you have to take care of your health. That includes everything from head to toe and in between. Your teeth, eyes, weight, heart, limbs, and more.  You need health care and so does your employees.  Let me show you how to get the healthcare you need with what you have to offer as a business and without cash. I am not the first to have the solution. I am the first to bring it to your attention Central Ohio and abroad.

  Exceptions Barter Exchange is currently lining up dentist, medical doctors, eye doctors, and more. We want to put health care back in the office for business owners and employees to maintain their health and be able to perform like CEO’s.   Here’s how it works:

     Doctors offer visit’s and health care products that they have in their offices through the barter exchange. They are paid the same price with Exception Barter Dollars as they would charge health insurance patients cash price.  They gain new patients for their practice while spending their barter dollars on things they need for the practice. Things like, new carpet for the office, window washing, fax machines, telephone systems, computers, blinds for windows, roof for the building if they own it, parking lot pavement, and everything else under the sun except for gas and electric. These are things that doctors have to buy for the business on an ongoing basis. Whether they spend cash or alternative currency in the barter exchange doesn’t matter to the IRS it is all the same and taxable as well as deductible at year-end.

ATTN: Doctors, here are a few examples for you to see how the rest of America’s doctors are looking at Alternative Currency as a way to build and maintain their medical practice: (you can find a ton of reliable reports by Googling “Bartering for Health Care”)

CBS News “Bartering For Health Care”

Please note this is talking about a Time Share- Not the same as  Barter Exchange a formal Alternative Currency- Different method same concept. http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=7388461n

Wall Street Journal ” Trading Art for Health Care”


Please NOTE: This is not a one on one barter exchange. Here is how it would work:

     Sally is a business owner who does marketing. She is a member of Exceptions Barter Exchange. She has sold her services and now has over $1k of Exceptions Barter Dollars to spend. Dr. White a member of Exceptions Barter Exchange owns a dentist practice in Sally’s local vicinity.  He has three openings this coming week for appointments. He is trying to build his practice and save his cash flow for things like medical practice insurance. 

     So Sally purchases a dental exam in the EBE and pays Dr. White immediately with Exceptions Barter Dollars.  Now Dr. White having accumulated barter dollars in his Exceptions Bank Account decides to purchase window washing from another company for his office.  He did not have to spend the barter dollars earned with Sally, the new patient he acquired through the barter exchange who offers marketing services. Unless he needs marketing services that is. It is Dr. White’s choice who and what to spend the barter dollars with.

     Alternative Currency, i.e. Exceptions Barter Exchange is the same as CASH. The IRS sees it that way and considers barter dollars income just like they do income received in the form of cash. In fact, the fancy record keeping software application offered by the Exceptions Barter Exchange generates you a 1099b at the end of the year to file with your taxes as required by the IRS for which we are reporting the same information to.

     There are a ton of benefits  for doctors using the Exceptions Barter Exchange to provide health care to business owners and their employees to increase their profitability as a health care provider. Let me show you how you can benefit from using our services to provide medical service to our members; business owners of this community.

You can contact me at Contact@ExceptionsBarterExchange.com




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