Finance your business through the Exceptions Barter Exchange

     Yes, that’s right you can get financing through the You can have it interest free. In addition, you will be approved far quicker at this Alternative Currency Bank than you ever will be with a brick and mortar bank.

Whether you are starting a new business or are growing your existing business; this is an opportunity for you to save the cash you are spending or acquire the buying power you don’t have because of the lack of cash.  See here how it works. (How it works page)

Business and small business alike are struggling in today’s economy; no doubt. Why continue to struggle to meet dead lines because you don’t have the products and services you need to support your client needs.  Exceed your expectations and that of your client’s; learn how to have all you need to operate your business while saving your cash for things barter can’t buy.

     This is not a one on one barter; it is a network of thousands of barter exchanges across the USA and in several other countries. You can get approved for a line of credit that will allow you to purchase the products and services you need.

Do you need: fax machines, copiers, business cards and brochures, graphic design, medical services, professional services, facilities for your events, artist for your gathering, HVAC services, advertising, catering, or anything else that your business needs to fully function. Continue reading for more information on financing your business through the Exceptions Barter Exchange.

No business will be turned away. It’s easy to get approved.The Exceptions Barter Exchange offers business owners “Interest Free” lines of credit. That means you can have buying power that doesn’t cost you more than you have to give back to the pay forward you received.

Check out the Exceptions Barter Exchange FAQ page to get the scoop.  If your question isn’t answered there feel free to contact us at

     When your application is approved to become a member of this barter exchange; you get far more than you bargained for. In addition to being able to get a line of credit, sell your products and services locally and all over the USA and abroad, you also get exposure through the PR that is done on your behalf to increase awareness about your business to future clients who are not in the exchange.

     It’s like you get a sales person on a 1099 for commission only on the business they bring to you.

     This is a great tool to increase your customer base, reward employees, and save your CASH budget for things that barter can’t buy. 75% of Fortune 500 companies traded in 2010 to finance their purchases and realize 12 billion dollars of earned income as reported by the Wall Street Journal, CBS, and CNN  reports that this trend is booming to ignite growth for our small business owners.

Apply today and get started with moving your business forward. This is one thing the economy can’t take away when cash is no longer king.

WWW.EXCEPTIONSBARTEREXCHANGE.COM (About page- owner E. Michelle Lee is on a mission to help businesses keep thriving and building for a more profitable and better tomorrow for the future of our economy)

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