Sunday Morning Reflections with E. Michelle Lee, Absolute for the “Truth Seekers”

Be honest with yourself, you ache to have some absolute truths in your life?

I mean, seriously, wouldn’t it be nice if you never had to wonder if someone was lying to you?

                   Wouldn’t you love it if the product on the shelf contained what it says it does and does what it says it will do?

               I don’t know about you; but I know me and I surely would like to have it that way.

     Albeit, the way we live life and know it today. We still are hopeful to find “Truth in Life” you know just like businesses require “Truth in Lending” .  Life requires “Truth in Living”. Are you living, breathing, seeking truth in all you do, say, and think in your heart about? 

     Being a “Truth Seeker” requires, honesty, integrity, optimism, hope, faith, strength, and much more. 

      When you seek truth to surround you and you can’t find it all and genuinely ; you realize you live in a world that needs more truth. Continue reading if you want to see how Truth to you is more than a statement; it’s a lifestyle. It’s the way we live, prosper, and stay in good health in our personal, family, and professional lives.


Live life to the fullest

Grow and prosper as a person and in your business (bet you wish everyone you did business with was honest ?)

Believe what others are saying and doing to be with the utmost of care, kindness, justice, and with Liberty to ALL ( did ya like that ending to the sentence, sound familiar?)

Establish truth in your area

Gain knowledge with a deeper perspective

Stop the lies and revive those around you who have DE-sensitized the truths that build us as people and as a nation and world.


      I would much rather a person, especially one who cares for me, to tell the truth, nothing but the truth, so help you God. It’s not like we tell folks, “Oh come on,, LIE to me”. NOT.  We want everyone to tell us the truth all the time and not just some of the time as when convenient . It’s not expected, it’s a unspoken, known to be required. Well, at least it used to be or it should be.

I have always been so hung up on wanting this in my life over all. Not just in one area or another. But all. In fact, if I could have this, I would think, I have it all.  Nothing wrong with hoping for the best and most truth possible and more.  Lest, I don’t think there is any thing wrong believing that I could live , work , and play with people and things that stem from truth.

     Truth is a beautiful thing. It’s the highest act of Love.  When you love and care for someone or something with the most of all truth, you have given the best compliment to them in the world and testimony of your love and respect.

That’s why I continue to study and learn everything that I can to understand the nature of man and the hopes and dreams people have so that I can serve them best in truth. And I continue to hope they will treat me the same.

     One “Truth Seeking” that aches my inner most parts is my desire to comfort people in knowing there is only one truth that we can truly trust. And that comes from God and His Word. Problem is,  today’s people are trying their best to alter, diminish, and annihilate the one thing that we have that establishes all truths, matters, and daily living. The Bible

Read it as a business person and you learn how to do business with principles and rewards of promises to prosper.

     Read it as woman and you get role models who were in every aspect of life courageous, victorious, and given a second, third, or fourth chance to do better.

     Read it as a man and you learn your own fatherly requirements to lead your home and be the carrier of your family.

     Read it as a child and you know you are never alone and are most cherished in His eyes. He knew you before you were even born. He knew your name at the beginning of time.

     Read it is a sinner and you can find forgiveness and a new way of life that takes you to a better place when this life is over.

     Read it as an Historian and you find truths about our societies long before any other account.

     Read it as a weatherman and you can understand why the weather does what it does.

     Read it as a farmer and you learn the basic needed knowledge to grow crops from year to year.

     Read it as a warrior and you learn from some of the greatest battles ever fought.

     Read it as an official and learn how governments today are the same as they were then and no better.

      Read it today, tomorrow, and everyday to learn how to live and not live to make a better today for me and you.

   As I was reflecting this Sunday morning on my previous week; as I suggest you to do every week too to prepare for the upcoming week so that you may be your best. I thought about the “Truth” as I hold on to as being the only thing I know I can truly trust. I thought about all of the people whom I have come in contact with these past few months. I thought about how each of them had no hope or true belief that the Bible as we know it is the infallible truth and God’s Word.

     Then I thought about a simple truth: Has anyone ever thought that since no one has been designated or has claimed to have a new “word from God” to write down and sanctify; that God is happy with the one He already has published and protected the copy writes for over 400 years?  I mean, when you look at things from the most basic and childlike belief in what Jesus said to us about this book, why can’t we just believe what He said?  That baffles me.

     That even after all of the proof laid out in black and white about the validity of the Bible. People still want to and are brave enough with fear of God to change it, modify it, and disregard that which they can’t see or understand. Now, that’s pretty convenient if you ask me.  Plus, I have found countless places where new versions take away the meaning, significance, and other aspects of the Bible when they “Update it”.  Leave it alone people, He doesn’t need your help in helping the reader to understand it.   The scripture clarifies that when it speaks of Him making known the “Truths” of this book. 

     Here’s the thing with me. Here we have the book that has been in existence for at least 400 years. That has survived its mediated extinction numerous times. The awe of reading and seeing that as Solomon said, “Nothing new under the sun” shows just how effective today the Word is as it was the same yesterday, today, and forever so magnificently designed for me and you to use just as those before us and for those to come after.

    On another note, if we destroy the one thing that has outlasted all of us; how will those we are trying to help ever believe if it keeps changing.  Science and logistics will tell you that when people tear down something or build it up; they lead other people to follow. No matter if that is one person or thousands. If you lead them away from believing that we serve a God powerful enough to protect His own Word and Truth in living, what will you leave them with?

Be encouraged, you can find answers to all of life’s questions and daily requirements when you read the KJV Bible that the Good Lord has protected for over 400 years. Stand for Truth for yourself, for you family, for your country, and most of all for your God.

Enjoy your day and don’t forget to plan your week today so you can be at your best for the week to come.



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