Launching a service or product in #Ohio; hire me to make it an eventful success!



It is no secret that Columbus Ohio is a launching hub for entertainment, promotions, new products, and more.  When you want to break into the local market here let me know; I have just what you need to enter with a blast!

     Public Relations– Michelle has a way with people, bringing to the table valuable contacts that she has established during her project managing promotions and PR with a Purpose.

     Michelle’s credentials and diversified past work experience along with her established contacts with various organizations put her in a favorable position to achieve the vision and mission of the clients she represents.

Creative talent with proven ability to get your message out and keeping it FUN .

Find Michelle on Twitter (@EWNOhio)

Facebook: EMichelleLee & Exceptions To The Rules

Subscribe to her blog at

Areas of Expertise: Fundraising, Business Development, Employee Performance. Global operations, Sales and Marketing, Individual assessment-Inspiration/Motivation, Executive Coaching, Community Volunteerism, Business Etiquette, Cultural Diversity, and more.

See some of my work at Look in the sub=albums for a couple of my previous events.  Then check out the promotions I did for various business owners and organizations.

EMH_bucket’s <<<<  user name to find albums

send an email to





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