How to keep the economy going as we brace ourselves for the predicted continuing of “tough times”

While we are all hopeful for the current economy to be on the up-rise; we must face the fact that more work is to be done in order to ensure stability and growth.

Over the weekend I had read an article posted by Mr. Conservative about the peril of Greece and how it is parallel to what is happening to America.   Shortly afterwards I heard a news report by GMA regarding the coming gas prices of $5 per gallon expected in May of 2012.  And then, hearing all of the news about lawmakers and the continuing of regulations that put us further in debt; I concluded that we need to face reality and prepare ourselves to be frugal and diligent in our businesses if we expect to survive this treacherous continuation of famine.

      If you have read any of my work, you know for sure that I am not a pessimist; I am definitely an optimist. But if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, guess what; it’s a duck.  If you want to be prepared you have to be open to other solutions that will keep this economy going. If you want to continue earning a living from your chosen line of work; you must consider what hundreds of thousands of big and small businesses are doing this days to keep operations going and thriving in this unstable economy. Don’t be dismayed. There are solutions. Consider this one as it is viable for all to consider as Wall Street Journal, CNN Money, and a multitude of Fortune 500 companies have acclaimed is working for them.Hundreds of reports from the IRS to the governing bodies of trade and bartering have proven that businesses are using this form of alternative currency to not only stabilize their business but to also grow the profits and reach new customers.

     Wall Street Journal,  CNN, and many other reputable sources  have done several articles and TV segments throughout 2011 showing the numbers and data regarding how Barter and Trade is making a significant improvement to the economy. Furthermore, they are stating that they expect this industry to grow rapidly in the coming months, years, as they are hopeful for economic recovery to be led by this method.

     Don’t just take my word for it. LOL, “Google it” and see what you find- Google search string tip, “Businesses Bartering”.  Or feel free to send me an email at for a full report including the links to the sources mentioned in this blog post that prove a formal barter exchange can help your business survive and thrive even during an economic downturn.

     When you don’t have cashflow for your business or you are trying to hold on to what you do have, learn how to use a barter exchange to keep it going. Let me show you how to use a formal exchange for your increase and obtaining new cash paying clients. Let me help you sustain your business by getting the resources, tools, and vendors you need.

     For you see, when you become my client for the Exceptions Barter Exchange; it’s like you get a sales person on commission only. I don’t earn a thing until I sell something for you and help you get exposure with new cash paying clients. The bonus to joining my exchange is that I promote you to other businesses and new customers as I am a PR specialist who has a strong online and in person presence.

     By using a formal exchange you are not bartering one on one. Meaning, you do not have to shop with the person who purchased your service or product. In fact, if you don’t find something you need locally; you have the opportunity to shop globally through my exchange with thousands of other exchanges throughout the US and in several other countries including Canada.

     Allow me the opportunity to share with you information that can assure you that this is a solid way of doing business. So solid that according to the IRS and other media over 457,000 other businesses here in the US alone used it last year to save their cashflow, increase their customer demographics, and more importantly- grow their business in an economy where they say no growth is expected.  Let’s work together to keep your bottom line steady.

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While I promote #shoplocal, I am global and you can be too!

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  1. thanks.very good blog and very good share.

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