Sunday Morning Reflections with E. Michelle Lee, You’ve got to stand for something or you will fall for anything.

Life is like a parable and we can understand the simplicity of that.  Just like the saying “you’ve got to stand for something or you will fall for anything”.

It’s simple, yet profound in meaning.

    So as my belief that God, who made the universe and all that is in it; can protect one little book that He intended for us to use as our guide to life.  I mean, if He can create the world; don’t you think He can preserve His word?

     Unfortunately, not all who believe in God and those especially who do not believe in God, feel this way for whatever reasoning they have come up with in their minds and justify that it is not. How sad, to think so little of such a great God.  Furthermore, the scripture so warns those who try and change it and also let’s us to know that is exactly what Satan tries to do. For you see the scripture says that Satan knows the Bible better than we do; how else would he use it against us as he does when he twist its words and causes folks to question that it is not true.

If you have ever questioned the validity of the Bible keep reading to hear this simple truth.While I am definitely  not a scholar and do not attest to know everything there is to know about the Bible, this one thing I do know; God is big enough to protect the integrity of His infallible word.

     Some time ago, when I was first coming back as a prodigal daughter to my Lord and Savior. It was a time when I was experiencing the most devastation I have ever had in my life. Everything had gone wrong and I was as low as low could get.  All reality and truth seemed to be questionable to me. I had become painfully distrustful of everything because it seemed that no matter what perspective I was seeing things from; truth was far fetched from me. But Wait, I said there is one thing that I remember is the only truth that I can depend on; God’s Word.  Until those surrounding me tried to destroy it; I was ok with believing God’s Word is truth and I can read it in the KJV Bible and have hope again.

     By my nature as a senior paralegal, I began researching,to prove the validity of the KJV. Because, of my absence from the Word for many years; I was shocked when I came HOME to find that many Christians today don’t really believe that this is the Anointed Word of God. How could this have happened; I ask myself. How could God’s people stray from believing that Bible is true and this translation is ordained and anointed by God.  Easy, I concluded, because we have strayed so much from the way that God wants us to live that it is human nature to justify our “current” ways by getting rid of the thee’s and thou’s and true meaning of the translation.

     Have you ever taken the time to compare a scripture from the KJV to the “newer versions” of alleged translations?  I have found so much is lost from the original meaning that it is unbelievable that folks would accept this as the Word of God.  Not only that, but countless scriptures translated in the KJV warn us of changing the Bible. Do you remember the scripture in Revelations that say’s “…not the crossing of a T or the dotting of an I” should you change or the plagues of this book will be upon you?  Maybe that one is not included in your “new translation”; but in my 400 years old one it is. And to tell you the truth; I take it seriously to know not to change what has been anointed and protected by God for so long.  Again, the scriptures depict it quiet simply, He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

     Here is a simple thought for consideration. If we as Christians continue to question God’s Word and change it; we do this world no justice. We have to stand for something or we will fall for anything. And that causes others who we want to witness to, to question whether God is real or not.  When we question an authority of written word or a proven statement; we cause others harm  by putting in their minds a question. Does that make sense to you?  Do you get it?  When we cause confusion about what is real and anointed; we cause others to question God as a whole.  Warning to you my friend, Psalms says that the Holy Spirit can guide in all things and that this word of God is true for instruction, reproof, and all matters of life.   The warning goes to those who promote the bibles that change the Word of God as we know it. 

     The simple truth of the matter is; we serve a great big God who can part seas, start fires in a bush, raise people from the dead, save the world with His dying on a cross and covering our sins; don’t you think He can protect the translation He gave to us over 400 years ago and has protected it ever since through much persecution. Be careful how you instruct someone especially those that are lost and do not know Him yet. You are responsible for them to some degree. I hope and pray you get it right not just for their sakes but for your own. Read the Word of God and pray for understanding and that the Holy Spirit will lead you to know His Word.

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