Central Ohio Casting Call for Business Owners-LIVE REality Game- Prizes will be awarded. Media attention is being sought

Calling For Business Owners #CentralOhio


Calling #CentralOhio Business Owners to play a real live game of Exceptions Barter Exchange.

Whatever you Barter Dollars you earn while playing is yours too keep! Why not it’s your products and services that will be used to earn those dollars.

Prizes will be awarded to local contestants who excel.

     It’s like playing Monopoly, but its a game of reality barter. I am seeking Media attention for the businesses who will be playing the game. We need to get started playing while I seek them out. They will want to see it happening, not waiting to see it happen. They don’t work that way. Once we get started I will start doing the necessary wooing I will have to do to find the right media attention. My goal for this is to increase your exposure as a local business owner here in Ohio.

Reality Game

      Here’s the jest of it. Local Business Owners will enter the game as a registered business and play a live virtual game to sell their services, products, purchase products and services they need to run their business. Contestants will strive to gain the most new customers while spending the least amount of cash flow out of the business. Other criteria may exist as we are accepting suggestions from the contestant business owners and advisers.  Any Suggestions? 

     All contestants may have the opportunity to have their products featured in multiple online social media as well as print and airwaves as they advance through the game.

All contestants must be eligible to win prizes.  Because that is the icing on the cake. In addition to your increasing your cash flow and bottom line, you will get prizes for doing it!

This is going to be a blast! Imagine, playing a live game that will be publicized and could go viral. And, who woulda thunk it; you got to be a part of it! I am excited for me and you both!

Let’s do this Central Ohio. Let’s show the rest of the US how Ohioans pull together and support our local business owners back to back while having a little bit of fun that hopefully everybody’s looking by the time we are up and running this reality game of Barter Exchange.

If you would like more information about registration, game dates, and how you can become a contestant. Send me a message at Contact@ExceptionsBarterExchange.com. Please leave comments, and most definitely sign up for my blog updates.

Don’t forget to LIKE this post! And thank ya! Be sure to stay tuned for more to come Exceptions Barter Exchange Reality Game.

Register Today-

Game date release is soon.


3 responses to “Central Ohio Casting Call for Business Owners-LIVE REality Game- Prizes will be awarded. Media attention is being sought

  1. Open to New Start UPs as well. If you’re an entrepreneur and are looking for a way to start your business without cash flow. This is perfect for you as well as the business owner who is using it to maintain and expand. This will also offer real lines of credit that you can spend on your business subject to game rules. All terms and conditions of playing the game will be explained in your info packet when you register.

  2. Go big or go home. Because it’s true. What do you have to lose? Eliza Dushku

  3. Thank you for this backlink, I really appreciate it and am most grateful for your generosity.

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