Helping each other. The Greatest Commandment of them ALL- Love one another

Like Stevie Wonder said during his performance and condolences displayed at the funeral of Whitney Houston recently; the World needs LOVE LOVE LOVE- I agree


     We as a Nation, Country, and Global presence need to love each other. That means we need to help each other and take action. We can’t just sit around and wait till we as humankind become on the extinct list.  If we continue to just sit around and wait for everybody else to do their part; no one is going to be doing anything about the problems of the World as we know it today.

     How do we help each other for the bigger purpose of the economy and endangered families, businesses, and even more importantly; individuals who live right in our own backyards?     IF- We reach out with just one hand to the next and we help lift up the next person to us. Then we tell them; pass it on. Give Back 2 Pay Forward; now you help someone fill a need they have.

If we all did this at least once; imagine the impact we could have together!

     If we don’t do this in our communities; we can expect to have more communities bankrupt and in despair.  It’s our duty as people to help one another.  It isn’t just dollars that helps our neighbor; it’s our care and time too.  And our ideas !

     If Larry Burkett, Financial Expert and author of “Get Out of Debt” and multiple training materials for adults and kids finances, were alive today”Many Christians are going to be ashamed to face the Lord and explain why they hoarded money while others went hungry,” predicts Christian financial stewardship leader Larry Burkett (1939-2003).

       The way to prevent lack and greed in the world is given in this perspective by Burkett: “Once commitment has been made to a disciplined lifestyle, regardless of the available income, the danger of greed and its by-products is significantly reduced.” (As cited in BibleGateway God’s Design Daily Devotional 2-18-2012)

     Look, I am not just talking about homeless people here, I am talking about more than a 1/3 of America. People are hurting and we are doing nothing about it immediately. We ask them to stand in long lines that don’t have a bucket of gold at the end and only offers another line of wasted time for a finale answer of no anyway.  Do you get what I am conveying here. 

     I am talking about Sally who was a VP before the economy hit. I am talking about Joe who owned his own business before the climate of his market drastically changed his bottom line. I am talking about Sue, the single mother who was trained in one job and is now working below her capacity just to make ends meat. I am talking about entire communities that can’t support their own local economy that they depend on to keep the area alive.

     The domino effect on a community that is endangered hits us all eventually. If we could just realize that and start helping one another to weather this storm; our country as a whole would truly begin to recover.   I would love to share more with you but I know that sitting still and reading a lengthy post; I will lose your attention.  So, Go check out my Community Project page on this blog site.

     If you are curious and would like to know how we can truly begin to help one another through our collective efforts; then send me a message or leave a comment.  Let’s be an inspiration together. There are few and far in between that are currently standing together for helping each other. Let’s be a community that somebody could talk about like these others. Because, We can make changes by Loving one another enough to help each other.


2 responses to “Helping each other. The Greatest Commandment of them ALL- Love one another

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  2. Thanks a bunch for your comments. Hope you stop by again sometime. Please subscribe to receive updates to my blog post.

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