What’s happening to you? OR What’s happening FOR you? Discovering your purpose by digging deep within series.

For those of you who know me you have heard me say, hundreds of times:

“Everything happens for a reason it’s our job and duty to find its’ purpose and work a solution” (1996)

     I say it. Because I believe it and it helps keep me sane.  How else would we all make sense of the things that we go through in this boot camp we call life?

      As we are exploring this series of You have Everything you need, deep inside of you, to be successful” (part 1) , I want to remind you that with each onion peel you will find answers. Answers about yourself that may alarm you (OR Not) and that will inspire you to: DIG DEEPER So where is the deepest part of a human? The heart. (part 2 ) 

     With this post; I hope to encourage you to believe that it is all meant for your own good. And for the building of your character, or someone elses so that you may be strong and applicable to learning all that you can about the designation of your life’s purpose and meaning measured in success.

ATTENTION: You Are Now Entering BOOT CAMP of Life’s Journey- Pay attention soldier if you plan on making it to the finish line!      Life is a Boot Camp.  Look at it that way and you will be more successful through each trial.  If you plan on making it in this crazy world you had better have some guts and some thick skin. Because, I tell ya; the weak cannot survive the treacherous terrain that one must navigate through in order to reach the prize in their life’s journey. Now of course there are always some “Exceptions To The Rules”- if you’re one of them, then you are of the elite squads.

     It is unfortunate that people today do not behave like good soldiers when it comes to their team mates ( i.e. people all around them) and the realization that it takes brotherly love to really be successful in our own life. We all need support from somebody. As we should all support somebody else. It builds our character, strengthens our position, and makes the world a better place to live in.  Even still, knowing that we need each individual for the next; we lack in compassion and “good will” of yester years.

     That’s part of the reason why I encourage folks to see that everything happens for a reason and it is our responsibility to seek its purpose and find a solution. One step further; I would explain that when something does happen for this reason don’t be so shallow to think that it is only for your purpose. Think bigger than that.  You are very well capable of doing so. You were designed to think big!

     In a world of “self-awareness” and worse “SELF” is most important, we limit ourselves to thinking that everything that happens to us is solely for our own agenda and destination. But it’s not always so; sometimes things happen to us for someone else to learn or see something.  So often we hear: why does that happen or how could something so horrific have any good to come of it. Well, some mysteries our not ours to decipher. But know this, without a shadow of a doubt. If something happens it was meant to be for some reason or another and may have a purpose beyond our own understanding.  Many times when bad things happen our great Lord and Savior allows them so that He may turn them into the greater good for His Glory.  Say what you will about that; it’s your choice. But when you realize Boot Camp means preparation for war; then you will see there is always a good and bad side to everything that is reaching for your attention.

ATTENTION: The next time an obstacle is staring you in the face. STOP look and listen .  Examine the task at hand from many angles. Seek guided counsel from people you trust. I try to always seek counsel first from the good Lord; then allow myself to be open to the people He places in my life.  But, I have to warn you, don’t just take in anything that is said. Scrutinize it. Chew on it a bit. definitely pray about it.

     Many, including myself, fail to see when in the midst of a storm that it was meant to build you not tear you down.  Or to educate you and build your knowledge base. How bout this one: It is meant for your good to make you wiser, stronger, and more prepared for the next obstacle on the course. 

       Think about it, when soldiers are going through boot camp and endurance training. Do they have just one obstacle on the course? Of course NOT. There are multitudes of ups and downs and pullies and pulls and climb over and climb under, and and and and…………  If it were only one obstacle they were trained on; would you want them going to war to protect your life?  I think not my friend. I believe you would want the toughest, most enduring, and most accomplished obstacle course soldiers on deck for you!

     Besides since we were born with this instinct and nature to overcome we have been training our whole lives to be better, do more, and be rewarded. The difficulty of the courses naturally change as we grow. When you are a child the course is more like milk and cookies, say thank you and please.      When you gain age and maturity it must be more difficult in order to help your abilities to increase. As you would not give meat to a baby you would not give baby food to an adult. Well, sushhh, I won’t tell you secretly like the baby food. But, hey, it’s not for you, give it back to the baby your supposed to be feeding. 🙂

     I hope this blog has opened your eyes a bit and made your heart pliable to the perspective that if we take each new obstacle in our lives as part of the course; we can make the landing a bit softer. 

Keep searching DEEP within yourself for you already have all that you need to be successful!

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Exceptions Blog Post 2-11-2012 ” What’s happening to you?  OR  What’s happening FOR you? Discovering your purpose by digging deep within series.

One response to “What’s happening to you? OR What’s happening FOR you? Discovering your purpose by digging deep within series.

  1. love your post, keep rockin dude! thumbs up!

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