Stop the fighting, Stop the competing. Let’s help one another be our best; its what America was built upon..

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”


     Words are powerful. We all know that. Words have meanings; sometime more than one. We understand that. But do we really understand what it means to stand together?

     When we look at our country today and wonder how we got to the place we are today in ruins and hardships nationwide ; one must think, are we truly standing together as we pledge in the “Pledge of Allegiance”?  By the looks of things today; I would say NOT.

     Don’t you think that if we were more “Indivisible” we could work together to revive America? I think YES.

Continue reading for my plea to Americans to STAND together before we FALL.

Last night I attended a Dames Bond networking event where I had the opportunity to hear several speakers talking about a variety of subjects from internal health, women in politics, and a couple of others talking about how we as women set the tone for social change and helping others to truly be our best.

     One in particular that resonated with me was the talk given by guest speaker, Suzanne Roberts, Principal of Women GeneratingShe spoke in such a way that even her voice was calming and ignited duty, responsibility, and more importantly; accountability for our part to be played in this wonderful country that we live in. America.

As she began speaking, about how she remembers a time when we as women, were only required to protect our reproductive organs and be good little wives not wanting more out of life or to even dream of being a contributing factor to life; I thought really, how sad that women of her day had to experience that and what a loss to this society that it occurred.

        Because from my perspective and current knowledge; it is my understanding that women should be thought of as the care takers of the world.  The nurturers, the helpers, the set the tone for society to follow; the ones who were to lift up others to success including their own.  As I continued to listen I realized her passion was also her heartbreak and reason for her own mission to change the current competing and backbitting structure we have become accustom too amongst ourselves.  The key to our own demise.

     You would think by the length of this post Suzanne spoke for hours. But she did not. She spoke powerful words of encouragement, responsibility, and ask for a call to action. I could not contain myself at that moment when she said something to the effect, “its time we as women step up to the plate with confidence and stop bickering amongst ourselves and learn to lift up one another towards the larger goal of helping our society see that we should be supporting one another not tearing one another down”. Now that was not her exact words, but her meaning was clearly understood. That’s when I had to clap whether anyone else thought it was appropriate or not. Lucky for me, the crowd joined in to agree.

     I was so encouraged that others felt just like me; it’s time America that we stand together “Indivisible” with justice and liberty for all.  We pledge that for ourselves, our children, our future, and most importantly our country; America. We pledge it, but are we truly living it in today’s world of “Self”.

     Many years I have carried the torch for helping others through Give Back 2 Pay Forward. I just dreamed that our communities would be a better place to live if we just pitched in and helped one another without the fear of competition. How much better our land and our will to thrive as a nation would be if we would just do what we pledge to do; Stand!

     If you have a chance to help someone today; take it. Help them be a better person and you will be the benefactor of living in a better place more economically stable than the day before.  It is the American Way. Isn’t it?



2 responses to “Stop the fighting, Stop the competing. Let’s help one another be our best; its what America was built upon..

  1. Great read Michelle and right on target!
    I couldn’t agree more! Stop the fighting, Stop the competing. Let’s help one another be our best; its what America was built upon..
    When Dames bond, Dames thrive!
    Mary B.

  2. Jayne Mansfield Uncovered your site discussing jennifer aniston on tuesday though decided to not comment – nonetheless, I had been out of the house biking today and experienced a hot innovative idea for my eshop based on your stuff here so thought i’d offer with thanks for the inspiration

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