Plan B- Do you have one for your business?

     Have you thought about what you would do if? 

You couldn’t make deadline because you don’t have the supplies you need?

You start losing employees because you can no longer offer any perks to keep them?

Your stream of customers has slowed down and the budget doesn’t support any advertising?

The main stay of your business depends on a piece of equipment that is going bad?

The supplier that you depend on goes out of business and you lose that long built relationship that allowed you to order even when cash flow wasn’t in your reach?

If you don’t have answers to these questions then you should keep reading for the solution that may save your business.

When I heard about this story where a resident of Chagrin Falls, Ohio, Jim Black,  sent an  email to a group of his friends stating,  “Let’s show our support for one of our local businesses,”  “I challenge everyone to spend AT LEAST $20 at the hardware on the 21st.”; I was encouraged to know that people still do help others.  You can read the full story at

     Here, one man’s email to 40 friends helped save a local business from being a part of the dreaded statistics of this economy.  Amazing! They say over 500 people showed up in person and a multitude of people who heard about it shopped online. A community came together and saved the day!

     That is what the Exceptions Barter Exchange concept is all about. Bringing together Business Owners to help one another promote the services and products they have on hand, not being used, and are ready to sell.  Sure there are a ton of benefits for business owners who are members of the exchange; but the main purpose of the Exceptions Exchange is to gain new cash paying clients while saving precious cash flow by using the products and services you have that are not already sold to purchase products and services needed to continue to be in business.

     This is a “Plan B” that is viable for this economy and will sustain business owners for a more secured future.  When you look at what you gain from being a member and how you gain new customers you would have never met otherwise; you can see the value instantly.

     Staying in business is your goal. In order to do that you know that you need buying power to operate your business to purchase the things you need that will help you gain a steady stream of customers. There are key items that every business must have as staples. Things like business cards, website development, copiers, printers, ink, thank you cards, equipment, employee rewards, health care options, advertisements, and a multitude of other daily operational things.  And if you don’t have them; you can trust that a competitor does.

     When you competitor has all the pluses you don’t they get the new customers you wished you could reach. Let’s level the playing field and help you get the tools, resources, items, perks, and more to keep your business going and growing. When you need a “Plan B” for your business needs; the Exceptions Barter Exchange offers you options. 

Did you know that we can even offer you a line of credit to help you purchase the products and services you need for your business?

     Plus, you get a Trade Broker who works for you to sell your products and services. It’s like having your own personal sales person who is working solely on a commission basis to promote your business to other businesses.

Check out our website. Find out the Who, What, When, Where, and How?

Retrieved Photos By: EricMSavage,  Amy Sancetta

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