When you need new customers and cash flow to grow your business, consider Alternative Currency as a means to an end of broke busted and disgusted.

Let’s start calling this Alternative Currency so that you can understand it’s not giving your services away for free. It’s funds available to you from selling your products and services to other business owners in the Exceptions Barter Exchange and Global Network of other exchanges connected to us.

So many times in my presentation to potential members that is the first thing that comes out of their mouth.

     “I already give enough of my stuff away as it is”, they say. Well, that is the very reason why you need to join the Exceptions Barter Exchange so that you can stop giving your stuff away for free and start earning dollar for dollar value for what you have to offer.

     When you are a member of an exchange you are earning the same dollar for your services and products as you would if you were receiving cash for them; the only difference is: you receive barter dollars instead of cash.  Even so  the IRS is going to tax you for the income you realize through an exchange by requiring you to file a 1099B with your yearly taxes. Irregardless, both spend the same way.

     So how do I help you change your mindset about what a formal barter exchange is?  I hope you don’t mind, let’s cut the chase and tell it like it is; I know this can help you in your business. I know that many of you cannot get a standard loan from a brick and mortar bank right now. I know you don’t have the kind of cash flow, i.e. buying power, that you need right now to keep your business going and growing. I urge you to open your mind, throw away your preconceived ideas about a “Formal Barter Exchange”, and at the least try it before you can truly discredit it.

     If you are open to hearing it like it is; then keep reading. IF you are faint at heart. Then stop right here because this is not for you. But, if you want a way to propel your business and want to save what cash flow you have or create one, Keep reading.     First I want to remind you; the Exceptions Barter Exchange is not a one on one trade. When you sell your stuff to another business owner who is a member of the exchange;


     If they do not have something you want; the Exceptions Barter Dollars you earned from the sell go into your Exceptions Bank Account.  You chose when and who you want to spend them with at any time. Or you can choose to save them in your account to spend at another time. It is entirely up to you; how you spend your Exceptions Barter Dollars.  You have access to your account 24/7, 365 days of the year. The SAAS software solution that you will be using is technically sound and pretty specify. It’s almost like a Quickbooks program; but better. You can see all of your transactions online and will receive a monthly statement detailing everything you do; whether its buying or selling.

     Lets digress for a moment. Think of all the times this past year that you enticed a new prospective client with doing something for them without charging them. Or you gave them one of your products to try in hopes of them coming back to you to purchase the next one when that one ran out.  Add all of that up and look at the dollar amount of “promotional” products and services you did give away last year. Now, if you are a good record keeper, how many of those services and products brought those customers back for more? If you were like me the return on the investment did not “add up” as you had hoped. Nor did it for me and that is why I started the “Formal Exceptions Barter Exchange”.

    As I continued to seek out new clients and doing what had to be done to let them see my products; I continued to lose money that could have been earned.  It was literally bleeding me dry. So I had to stop the bleeding so I could start earning.

      That’s not the only reason why the Exceptions Barter Exchange makes sense for business owners. In today’s economic climate cash for growth is limited to all businesses big and small. Growth is not happening because business owners can’t get their hands on the cash they need to buy staple items for their business, much less the extra’s that will allow growth.

     Tell me, how many opportunities do you think you lost; just because you did not have the money to play in the sandbox with your competitors who did have the money?  IF you had had this or if you had that; you could have done this or you could have done that. Does that sound familiar to you?

     I bet it does.  And that is why you are still reading to find out how you too can increase your profit margin by considering an Alternative Currency to make your purchases with. This is not knew folks. This has been used for a long time. And when the economy hit its all time low a few years back; even the bigger businesses like GE, Mattel, HP, and many others started considering using Alternative Currency to save their ever so precious cash flow.  As I have said before, in 2010 it has been reported by Wall Street Journal and many others that over 457,000 businesses used a “Formal Barter Exchange” to earn over 12 billion dollars in revenue.  If its good enough for the big boys don’t you think its good enough for you? Don’t stay behind hoping for something to come through when something you have not considered is sitting in front of you. Give it a try at least.

     Let me show you how the Exceptions Barter Exchange can:

Conservation of Cash: Take products or services you normally pay cash for – such as pest control, carpet cleaning, employee gifts or incentives, etc. – and use barter credits instead.          

Converting Dead Inventory into Profit: Move slow-selling merchandise through Exceptions Barter and convert it into barter credits you can use on products or services you need. Now, merchandise you might have sold for cash at a significantly reduced price can be sold for full retail on trade.     

Increased Buying Power: Buy merchandise or services on trade and sell for cash. This also allows you to offer more services to your existing clients.  
Higher Standard of Living: Enjoy a higher standard of living! Things you may not spend cash on are readily available on trade. Eat out more, go to sporting events, buy jewelry, rent a limousine, etc.      


Know the value of advertising and marketing to bring in new customers to your business.

Instead of using your hard-earned cash use Exceptions Barter dollars instead!  Using Exceptions Barter dollars saves your CASH budget. 

Your Broker can help you find local, regional or national advertising opportunities to help your business.

 Employee Benefits & Bonuses

Add to the benefits package by allowing your employees to use barter dollars for non-covered medical and dental expenses.  You can also set up sub accounts for your employees to reward them in barter dollars.

 Client Thank-You Gifts

It is less expensive to keep a current client than it is to get a new client.  Why not say thank you to clients?  Not just at holidays but anytime – it’ll make their day.                                                    

Business Operations Improvements

How your business operates directly impacts sales and your bottom line.  Use your Exceptions Barter dollars to run special seminars for employees, put organization systems in to your operations, and find out how your employees really treat your customers and more.

Fun Days

Everyone needs a break now and then.  Whether it is treating your employees (and yourself) to in-office chair massages or having an office party or doing something wild and crazy, like horseback riding or fun day at the amusement park.  A fun day makes all the days better.  So use your barter dollars and have some FUN.


Everyone needs a break – especially business owners!  Exceptions Barter will be offering everything from quick weekend getaways to week-long vacations in exotic destinations.  Our travel section will have available vacations.  We are building listings of available accommodations worldwide.  Remember, we are not a travel agency and therefore we need plenty of advanced notice to help you plan your getaway.

 Personal Services

Haircuts, facials, massages to car repair to home improvement projects and everything in between.  Check with your Exceptions Barter Broker before spending cash on anything.

 Professional Services

Successful businesses have a team of outside professionals like bookkeepers, accountants, attorneys and more helping them to run the company.  Why spend cash when Exceptions Barter will offer some of the finest professional services as members.

Send me and email at Contact@ExceptionsBarterExchange.com  

One response to “When you need new customers and cash flow to grow your business, consider Alternative Currency as a means to an end of broke busted and disgusted.

  1. Hi friend, Thank you for the time you put in here. I really battle hard to keep up with the latest news in the affiliate industry. It\’s not as easy as it seems, but I have a handful I like. Yours is one of them.

    I\’ve done online marketing since 1994 and it\’s still a chore to get all the things done each day. So I just wanted to say I dig your blog a lot and predominately try and keep up by having secured your feed and plugged it into my Google Feed reader.

    May your clicks be many, and your conversions greater.

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