Frozen- Have you ever felt this way?

Have you ever just felt frozen? So still and blank?  Almost as if nothing you knew was there?

If you have; I know exactly how you feel. At times I have felt the same way.

What does it mean when you reach a place like that in life? Is it writers block? Is it a crossroads? What is it that causes us to just stop, look, and listen? More importantly, how do you get past it?

     On one hand. Questioning everything that is going on in your life, all at one time, can cause you to overload your circuits, and end up doing nothing. And then on the other hand it can help you to reach your destiny. Put yourself in check and back on to the right path so that you can reach your destination.

     Don’t let this moment of “being still” make you miss your mark. Recognize this moment as a chance to re-evaluate what you are doing in life in order that you may propel to the next level, one step closer to your dreams.

Here’s a few things you can do to help you through the blank moments.

You see that candle. It appears that the flame is gone. It’s like your passion has been quenched. Life’s everyday task seemingly has taken away the very light in you.

Look again, look real hard. Don’t let it fool you. Your flame is still there.

This is not one of those allusions that if you shake your head the image changes. Or if you put your hand over one eye; you will see a different image. Nor will it change if you stare at it enough. So you ask yourself. Then why is she telling me to look again.  Because, if you look with the natural eye. You can see the shape of the flame. The wick of the flame. The root of the flame. You can still see the flame.  It has gone no where. You just have to warm it up again.

     Many things in life can freeze our flame of doing. It could be fear of success. It could be necessary redefinition. It could be that, internally, we know that, what we are currently doing, is off the path of our true purpose. So, actually we should be thankful for the pause that allows us to re-examine ourselves to better position ourselves to where we need to be in order to maximize our potential for growth and realization of our dreams.

     When you come to a halt; don’t fear it. Embrace the silence with respect and reverence of knowing that it is for our good. Not for our destruction.  Just like the example of the frozen or not frozen flame above. Take another look at the same picture of your life that you have been looking at for a long time and see if you see it a different way. Examine the circumstances that are surrounding you to see if they are pointing you in a different direction or if they are pointing you to the flame that has always lived inside of you.  Sometimes, it takes the halting moments to remind us of what we dreamed we wanted more than anything else in the first place. It’s a way to get us back on track when we have strayed from our path of purpose.

     If you are facing the frozen candle right now; try this to light your flame.

     Sit down, and be quiet for a moment. Go back in your trails of memory and remember the last time your flame was really lit up. Write it down.

     Now, think of all the things that caused you to go off trail and where you are.  While there are times and circumstances that were meant to derail you for a moment to bring you to a better place. There are things that happen to you that challenge, test, your true desire to obtain your predestined purpose.  You have to work to discern which it is. You have to seek clarity. And the way in which you can get clarity is to test your own hypothesis for yourself. Prove yourself. Not prove to others. But prove yourself that what you are doing is what you were made for and then you will find your answers. 

     However, you need to keep in mind that if you can not prove to yourself that what you are doing is what you were meant to do; you must be open to trying new things. The point of this all is: when you think your flame has gone out. Look a little deeper to see what the frozen moment is allowing you to consider. What it may be forcing you to change. How it is shaping you for the future. And to recognize; your flame has not completely gone out. It is still there just waiting for you to determine yourself to fire it up!

Retrieved from Bing; Photos By: SiaPhoto, Silxqq blogspot

One response to “Frozen- Have you ever felt this way?

  1. Wow, talk about answers on the meaning of life. Went to twitter to read my feed and low and behold I click on a link that sums it all up in a nutshell and in 3minutes of listening. I love the chuckle that I get when stuff like this happens. If you go to this link after reading my blog post. Make sure you listen to the whole thing. And then let me know if you chuckled too? EMLee
    In Touch Ministries @InTouchMin

    Solomon concluded that the best course was to obey God. True enjoyment comes when we align with His will. (to see this: copy and paste the whole link into your browser)

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