FOX’s network Good Day Columbus releases video of two Ohio women transformed with the Lemetric Hair Center System see it here

After- Amy Emswiler

After- Michelle Lee








     If you missed the airing of the FOX network Good Day Columbus segment featuring Elline Surianello, owner of the NY hair salon Lemetric Hair Center launching her Mobile Hair Center; Click the link below to view the full episode. FOX broadcast Lemetric

     Hair loss amongst women is an issue that a multitude of women deal with. For some it is worse than others. With the Lemetric Mobile Hair Center canvasing the nation as a first of its kind; women will have the opportunity and privacy to gain their confidence back and their hair too!

Contact the Lemetric Hair Center by calling 1-800-217-9052. Please let them know you read it here. Tell’em Michelle sent you!

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