Exceptions Barter Exchange is open to all businesses Sign up today and start saving your cash while gaining new customers!

     The Exceptions Barter Exchange was created for the small business owners here in Ohio to make their bartering experience affordable and profitable for growth and to encourage #ShopLocal. While we promote ShopLocal; we are connected to thousands of other business owners in different barter exchanges across the US, Canada, and several other countries.   I would like for you to take a look at our website www.ExceptionsBarterExchange.com and consider listing with us.  We offer a solution for businesses to sell their un-booked time slots and excess inventory or products at full retail price through trade.

Conservation of Cash: Take products or services you normally pay cash for – such as pest control, carpet cleaning, employee gifts or incentives, etc. – and use barter credits instead.                                                                                          
Converting Dead Inventory into Profit: Move slow-selling merchandise through Exceptions Barter and convert it into barter credits you can use on products or services you need. Now, merchandise you might have sold for cash at a significantly reduced price can be sold for full retail on trade.     

Increased Buying Power: Buy merchandise or services on trade and sell for cash. This also allows you to offer more services to your existing clients.  

Higher Standard of Living: Enjoy a higher standard of living! Things you may not spend cash on are readily available on trade. Eat out more, go to sporting events, buy jewelry, rent a limousine, etc.         

Continue reading to find out how Exception’s Barter Exchange can help grow your business.

The Trading Floor

     Our  barter web site is updated real time 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. New members are visible the moment they join. New products and services are being offered daily. Every member receives daily E-mails with all new products and services. There are also weekly email newsletters, announcements, bartering tips and tricks, and featured members. Our membership listings provide a complete listing of all members as well as goods and services offered, contact name, address and phone number. This enables all members to have access to all the other members, easily.

Other Creative Ways to Use YOUR Exceptions Barter Dollars


Know the value of advertising and marketing to bring in new customers to your business.

Instead of using your hard earned cash use Exceptions Barter dollars instead!  Using Exceptions Barter dollars saves your CASH budget. 

Your Broker can help you find local, regional or national advertising opportunities to help your business.

Employee Benefits & Bonuses

Add to the benefits package by allowing your employees to use barter dollars for non-covered medical and dental expenses.  You can also set up sub accounts for your employees to reward them in barter dollars.

Client Thank-You Gifts

It is less expensive to keep a current client than it is to get a new client.  Why not say thank you to clients?  Not just at holidays but anytime – it’ll make their day.

Business Operations Improvements

How your business operates directly impacts sales and your bottom line.  Use your Exceptions Barter dollars to run special seminars for employees, put organization systems in to your operations, and find out how your employees really treat your customers and more.

Fun Days

Everyone needs a break now and then.  Whether it is treating your employees (and yourself) to in-office chair massages or having an office party or doing something wild and crazy, like horseback riding or fun day at the amusement park.  A fun day makes all the days better.  So use your barter dollars and have some FUN.

Vacation (coming soon)

Everyone needs a break – especially business owners!  Exceptions Barter will be offering everything from quick weekend getaways to week-long vacations in exotic destinations.  Our travel section will have available vacations.  We are building listings of available accommodations worldwide.  Remember, we are not a travel agency and therefore we need plenty of advanced notice to help you plan your getaway.

Personal Services

Haircuts, facials, massages to car repair to home improvement projects and everything in between.  Check with your Exceptions Barter Broker before spending cash on anything.

Professional Services

Successful businesses have a team of outside professionals like bookkeepers, accountants, attorneys and more helping them to run the company.  Why spend cash when Exceptions Barter will offer some of the finest professional services as members.

MainStreet Commerce Bing Image retrieved 12-15-2011

How Does it work?

 If a newspaper barters $1,000 worth of advertising to a house painter through EB that newspaper can now buy $1,000 worth of product or services from any participating member of EB, or they may even choose to accumulate more barter credits to make a larger purchase in a future transaction. And as a member of EXCEPTIONS BARTER, you have the ability to purchase or sell goods or services with members of barter groups throughout the entire network.
Request FAQ Sheet


Joe the plumber has 2 or 3 appointments this week open. Meaning if he doesn’t fill them; he is losing business because time waits for no one.

So Joe puts those appointments on the Exceptions Barter Exchange. By chance Client Big Law Firm, calls me and says, we need to have our pipes checked before it gets cold. So, I tell Big Law Firm to go and click Purchase under Joe’s plumbing services. Big Law Firm does so and immediately Joe Plumber has just earned $X amount of dollars deposited in his account.

Joe doesn’t have to spend his newly earned Exceptions Barter Dollars with Big Law Firm. Joe may even want to go on vacation or purchase his cleaning supplies from another member. There is a ton of choices Joe can make or he can chose to keep those dollars adding up until he decides on something to spend them on now or in the future. Once earned they stay in his Exceptions Bank.

ADDED Bonus: Big Law Firm’s administrator is talking to law firm client A. Client A happens to mention they need a plumber and ask for a referral if you got one. Client A is not a member of Exceptions Barter Exchange so BLF Administrator tells client A; call Joe yourself he did a great job for us. Hence Joe gets a new Cash paying client to boot.

The story could go on and on trickling down to all of the connections made from one transaction done through the Exceptions Barter Exchange.

Whatever you can spend cash on, except for electric and gas air and heat, you can convert to barter/trade. Save your cash, gain new customers. For less than the cost of business cards you have paid for your membership set up. No other charges until you sell or buy something. Put me to work for you! I am a Trade Broker, it’s like having an extra sales person who only gets paid when the sale is made!

www.ExceptionsBarterExchange.com  for more info Contact@ExceptionsBarterExchange.com

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